Release Notes for Peppermint Four

  • If you choose to install directly from syslinux without first loading the desktop and use the “Install alongside” option, the installer will crash. The crash will not happen with other install options and will not happen if you load the desktop first and select the “Install alongside” option.
  • Peppermint Four makes use of the Xfwm4 window manager and the LXDE desktop environment. This is unlike other Linux distributions that use LXDE as the default desktop environment as it is common to use the Openbox window manager. As a result, there are more window manager features, however some things within the window manager settings may not function as they were originally intended to in Xfce desktop environment, where Xfwm4 was originally intended to run.
  • The keyboard shortcut for opening the file manager has changed from “Ctrl+Alt+D” to “Ctrl+Alt+F” by default. This was done to prevent a conflict with the default window manager shortcut that shows/hides all windows on a particular workspace.
  • Software ratings with the Software Manger, mintinstall, are based on feedback submitted by users to the website¬† This website is part of the Linux Mint project and is not affiliated with Peppermint or Peppermint, LLC, however we do encourage Peppermint users to submit feedback as we all benefit from this feedback.
  • Peppermint Four is based on Ubuntu 13.04 and makes use of its package repositories. As a result, any bugs that affect Ubuntu 13.04 are also likely to affect Peppermint Four. Please report bugs for Ubuntu’s packages to the necessary bug trackers and please report bugs for Peppermint specific packages to Peppermint’s bug tracker.

Thank you for downloading and utilizing Peppermint. We look forward to your continued attention to detail.

- Team Peppermint