Peppermint Will Join SOPA Blackout

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Peppermint Nation, The main Peppermint OS site will be joining the fight against SOPA/PIPA by participating in the blackout January 18th-January 23rd. If you are not aware of this dangerous bill that is attempting to pass US Congress then please … Continued

Peppermint Two Art Challenge Winner

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Peppermint Nation, Good morning to everyone from the Peppermint headquarters in the gorgeous mountains of Western North Carolina. Remember when we on board to release Peppermint Two several months ago and we put out the word that we were having … Continued

Peppermint Two Now Officially Available

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It is our distinct honor to announce the release of the second major iteration of Peppermint OS. Peppermint Two is now available either for free download or via purchasable Live CD. This edition is based upon Lubuntu 11.04 and includes … Continued

Giving Back: Lubuntu 64bit now Available

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Peppermint Nation, Being part of the family of Linux distributions around the world is very exciting to us at Peppermint.  One of the best ways to be involved is contributing back to other projects. Today we are very proud to announce the … Continued

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