By far the most comprehensive collections of information regarding Peppermint are found on our Community Forum. Here you’ll find tutorials covering a wide range of topics as well our most effective support channel.

Peppermint is a GNU/Linux based operating system and as such the low level functionality is very similar to many other GNU/Linux distributions. An oft covered topic is the significance of the terminal, or “Command Line”, in modern GNU/Linux operating systems. Here at Peppermint we’re firm believers in the usefulness of the command line in modern operating systems, but we’re also understanding of the fact that not everyone wishes to use it on any sort of regular basis. For those who do wish to learn the command line, there are numerous excellent tutorials online. Here are some that I’ve found to be particular useful:

There are also numerous resources and tutorials associated with understanding the filesystem. One in particular that I’ve found particularly useful is:

Outside of this, there is plenty of other documentation available from other GNU/Linux distributions and projects that covers many topics applicable to Peppermint:

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