Peppermint: Desktop Linux for the cloud generation

Peppermint combines Ubuntu Linux with Google's Chromium Web browser and cloud services for a modern take on the desktop. Peppemint Six, the newest edition, was recently released. Like the version before it, this one is based on Canonical's Ubuntu 14.04 long term support (LTS) Linux.
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Peppermint OS Six released

Peppermint OS has long been known for its ability to blend desktop and cloud applications into a highly attractive and eminently usable Linux distribution. The latest release is Peppermint OS Six, and you can download it right now.
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Peppermint OS 5: Light, Refreshing Linux

Peppermint is built around a concept that may be unique among desktop environments. It is a hybrid of traditional Linux desktop applications and cloud-based apps. This innovative approach puts the latest release of Peppermint OS 5, which appeared in late June, well ahead of the computing curve.
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Peppermint Five released

In today's open source roundup: Download the latest version of Peppermint. Plus: Ars Technica reviews Linux Mint 17, and Five popular distros based on Ubuntu
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Peppermint Five Linux Brings the Cloud to Linux Desktop

As the world increasingly moves to cloud-based infrastructure and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, the needs of traditional desktop users are changing. The Peppermint OS Linux platform is an effort to integrate the cloud SaaS world with the desktop in a seamless hybrid approach.