Introducing Peppermint Five!

Say hello to the next iteration of our lightweight, stable, and super fast operating system. Peppermint Five is built on a long term support (LTS) code base, so as well as being customizable to your heart's content, will be "good to go" for quite some time. Peppermint Five is built on the Ubuntu 14.04 code base

New Control Center

All the settings for Peppermint's unique blend of the Xfwm4 window manager and LXDE components are now conveniently in one place. Adjust settings for the window manager, input devices, desktop effects (such as transparency and drop shadows), window snapping, and more, all from one simple to use application.

Improved version of Ice

Peppermint's handy cloud & web application management tool, Ice, has been completely rewritten in order to offer an improved user experience. The latest version now supports both Google's Chrome and Chromium web browsers, offers vastly improved favicon retrieval, and offers more user friendly address entry.

Latest Community News

Be a Part of the Peppermint Five Beta Test Group

Hello Everyone, It’s that time of year when we choose a batch of 50 dedicated users from around the world to assist us in beta testing the upcoming version of our operating system. Peppermint Five is set to release this … Continued

April 23, 2014
Latest Corporate News

Peppermint Five is Live!

Peppermint OS LLC is excited to announce the launch of our latest operating system Peppermint Five. Lightweight and designed for speed, Peppermint Five delivers on that promise whether using software on your desktop, online, or using cloud based apps. Kendall … Continued

June 23, 2014