A brief screenshot tour of the Peppermint Seven desktop showing the new menu, some features and some applications including Ice and some Ice-created SSBs, the Peppermint Control Center, the Nemo file manager, the wallpaper manager, the VLC media player, and some other tools/utilities/options. Most of these screenshots were taken with the new default "Peppermix-7-Dark" theme applied, but there are other themes that can be applied via:-
menu > Preferences > Customize Look and Feel > Widget (tab)
Choosing one of the other themes from the list in the left-hand column, then clicking the "Apply" button.

Live Session Desktop
Bare Desktop (Default)
Added Desktop Icons
Main Menu
Peppermint Settings Panel
Nemo file manager
Peppermix-7-Red icons/theme
Firefox Web Browser
VLC Media Player
Wallpaper Manager
Search Tool
Image Viewer
Peppermint Control Center
Software Manager
Peppermint Metapackages
Synaptic Package Manager
Ice SSB Manager
Entanglement SSB (Game)
Google Drive/Docs SSB (Office)
Nemo Connect to Server
Disks Manager
Peppermint Terminal
Update Manager (& 'Shield' Tray Icon)
Power Manager Settings
Firewall utility
MintStick USB Tools
Peppermint Support Forum SSB
Discovered Wireless Networks
Steam Client (needs to be installed)
MD5 Checksum Calculator
Pluma Text Editor