A brief screenshot tour of the Peppermint 10 desktop showing the new menu, some features and some applications including Ice and some Ice-created SSBs, the Nemo file manager, and some other tools/utilities/options. Most of these screenshots were taken with the default “Peppermint 10 Dark” theme applied, but there are other themes that can be applied via:

menu > Settings > Customize Look and Feel > Widget (tab)

Choosing one of the other themes from the list in the left-hand column, then clicking the “Apply” button.

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  1. ProDigit

    Nice! I like how many different color schemes there are compared to Lubuntu!
    Do you also have a minimal installation (no photo editor programs, or DVD writer or office programs), but just the bare minimum in the GUI (like a lightweight notepad, calculator, browser and a few more items)?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi ProDigit,
      Yes, during installation we have a minimal installation option that is similar to Lubuntu. If you have any questions head over to our community forums where we can provide support.

    2. Veer

      Peppermint os is really fast and stable Thanks! For creating it.

  2. Logan

    Thanks for including native support for Flatpak … it has been very useful to me.

  3. Fritz

    Is Peppermint OS based on Ubuntu? Thanks!

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Yes, Our current version, Peppermint 10 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Our next release will be based on 20.04

      1. Brennan Price

        When is it likely that we’ll get the release with 20.04? This is my favourite OS by far so would be good to get a nice update, especially with all the new features available from it :)

        1. Joseph Dickson

          We don’t have a release date yet but it is coming. :)

  4. Muhamad Zaennudin

    I’m confused to choose linux distro, hopefully this peppermint os helps me

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Give it a try, we hope you like it.
      If you run into any problems visit our forum at forum.peppermintos.com/

  5. Chris Michaud

    Great distro. Works well on my circa 2009 Macbook Pro where others have notably failed.Sleek, fast and robust.

  6. Zhao Yiming

    I like his various themes very much, but I doubt whether my computer can run him smoothly, so I want to ask about his configuration requirements.
    *My English is not good, so I use Google Translate I hope you can understand it*

  7. John Dimitrakopoulos

    Hello, from Greece! A couple of days ago I “erased” my MacBook 4,1 (early 2008) ssd (to tell the truth, trying to make it accept Mountain Lion instead of Lion) and I decided to install a more up-to-date OS, like Linux Peppermint 10. I used Linux Mint once in the past and I admit I stayed satisfied with the overall result. What I miss right now is to have a Mac-like desktop (you know, showing My Computer/Trash/Programs file/External devices and so on. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and congratulations for the result.
    John Dimitrakopoulos

  8. Suraj

    Please anybody know how to enable redshift like ubuntu to filter blue light. I tried to install redshift from synaptic but it did not work

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Suraj,
      Support questions can be asked in our Community Forum.

  9. Hariharasudhan C

    N’Joy the Simplicity !.

  10. Brent

    About 6 months ago I decided to dump Windows. Installed dual boot Win10/Ubuntu on older laptop. Hating both, made a few live usb’s, and distro hopped. Settling on MX,I was good to go. Came upon a 2nd laptop, and for fun, and curiosity, installed PeppermintOS. Boring story shortened, Peppermint is daily driver! Easy to use, stable, and Ice is nice. Thanks for all the hard work on this disto. Hope to see 11 soon, but 10 works so well. TY.

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