A brief screenshot tour of the Peppermint Six desktop showing the menus, some new features, and some applications including Ice and some Ice-created SSBs, the Peppermint Control Center, the new Nemo file manager, the wallpaper manager, the VLC media player, and some other tools/utilities/options. Some of these screenshots were taken with the new "Peppermix-Dark" theme applied, if you like the dark look you can apply this theme via:-
menu > Preferences > Customize Look and Feel > Widget (tab)
Choosing "Peppermix-Dark" from the list in the left-hand column, then clicking the "Apply" button.

Live Session Desktop
Bare Desktop (Default)
Added Desktop Icons
Main Menu
Peppermix-Dark Theme
Main Menu (Peppermix-Dark Theme)
Nemo File Manager
Nemo File Manager (Peppermix-Dark Theme)
Chromium Web Browser
VLC Media Player
Wallpaper Manager
Search Tool
Image Viewer (Peppermix-Dark Theme)
Peppermint Control Center
Software Manager
Peppermint Metapackages
Synaptic Package Manager (Peppermix-Dark Theme)
Ice SSB Manager
Entanglement SSB (Game)
Google Drive/Docs SSB (Office)
Nemo Connect to Server (Peppermix-Dark Theme)
Disks Manager
Peppermint Terminal (Peppermix-Dark Theme)
Update Manager (Including Tray Icon)
Power Manager (Preferences)
Screenshot utility (Peppermix-Dark Theme)
MintStick USB Tools (Peppermix-Dark Theme)
Peppermint Support Forum SSB
Discovered Wireless Networks
Peppermint Installer
MD5 Checksum Calculator
Peppermint Logout (Peppermix-Dark Theme)