A brief screenshot tour of the Peppermint Five desktop showing the menus, some new features, and some applications including Ice and several Ice-created SSBs, all sections of the new Peppermint Control Center, and others. Also included is an example of the new file-manager-actions package. Note that the presence of two battery icons in the system tray in these images is due to the test machine being a dual-battery equipped laptop.

Bare Desktop
Applications Menu
Accessories Menu
Games Menu
Graphics Menu
Internet Menu
Office Menu
Sound & Video Menu
System Tools Menu
Preferences Menu
Chromium Browser
Software Manager
File Manager
Entanglement SSB
Editor by pixlr SSB
Ice Application
Ice With Favicon
Ice Remove Section
Dropbox Download
Dropbox Setup
User's Guide SSB
Music Player
Music Player Playing Song
Control Center - Window Manager
Control Center - Keyboard & Pointer
Control Center - Keyboard Layout
Control Center - Keyboard Shortcuts
Control Center - Desktop Effects
Control Center - Advanced
Set As Wallpaper in File Manager
Logout Window