A Big Welcome to Everyone…

We’d like to take a moment to welcome all the newcomers to Peppermint OS and all the kind words we are getting from around the globe. Our release day on Monday was fantastic as we saw several thousand downloads fly off of the servers and many more seeded via Bit Torrent. Special thanks to those who are willing to share their own resources to get Peppermint into more hands, we deeply appreciate it. And another big thanks to those who pitched in to make Peppermint OS a possibility…

Like any other product that releases onto the market there are issues that arise and Peppermint OS is ready to listen and address them. At any time on our site you can use the Feedback tab to the right of the page or you can bookmark the Community Support page and post questions, issues and praise. On Twitter you can follow @PeppermintOS and also pose questions to @AskPeppermint

There is one thing that I’d like to address head-on and that is the sampling of web applications that we are currently shipping with Peppermint.  Yesterday we were very happy to watch a video of a Peppermint OS One installation by Tim at OSGUI from Melbourne Australia. One thing I did note is that when Tim was explaining the main menu and looking at the different software and cloud applications that there were a few that are not available outside of the USA, namely Hulu and Pandora. I’d like to take the time now to apologize to anyone who took that as an offense as that was not the intention. In order to introduce those who have never interacted with Prism before, having a few pre-installed launchers was the best way we saw as a quick introduction.

Again, thanks to those who have downloaded Peppermint OS One and are giving it a spin. If there is anything you need outside of support related issues please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Got a great idea? Awesome. I’d love to hear it.

Welcome to all

Shane Remington

shane [at] peppermintOS.com / Twitter @roadhacker

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  1. h0zae

    Congrats on the launch. I have been very impressed with the ease and speed of PeppermintOS one. Great Job!

  2. Rich_Roast

    Congrats on the launch! I’ve been using Peppermint OS for just over a day and I’m very pleased so far.

    About the Hulu/Pandora issue – I think many users will already be aware that these services are not available outside of the USA, and not take offence (it’s not like it’s your fault!). I’d take solace in the fact that there are alternative services in other countries (BBC iPlayer here in the UK comes to mind) which I’m guessing are Prismable. The included apps provide a good example of what Prism can do (I for one am new to it). Perhaps in the future localisation could be developed with a set of Prisms installed depending on the user’s locale. I have no idea how complicated that might be, though :?

  3. Shane Remington


    Thanks for the comments and I think that we can come up with a creative solution to localization and default web/cloud app selection…

    Have a great day :)


  4. onpepper

    I was impressed about the review of your distro at the The Linux Critic, and decided to try it, after visiting your website and learn a little beat more about yourselves.

    I’m a distro hopper, so I’m always happy to find a new distribution, and in your case I appreciated the quality of your work and attention to detail, seen not only at the distro itself but also at your main site and at the community support.

    Like many other Linux users, my main source of information about new distros, or new distribution release notes, is at the main page of the Distrowatch site, and I was surprised that the details about the release of Peppermint were not shown there.

    To help Peppermint get some more visibility I suggest that you sent them it’s release details. I guess they will be happy to publish it, allowing their large number of visitors to notice your good work.

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