Here's one for you, Mats.

If I said it was easy to develop and release an operating system, I’d be a liar. If I said it was easy to support and maintain an operating system, I’d be a liar. If I said that I had an example of the best among us in this regard, I would be telling the absolute truth. It’s been well circulated around many Linux communities at this point that Mats Geier, a forum admin and tech support guru from Linux Mint has passed away this past March. I think about the impact that he has had on the Linux community every day and no decision comes without a “what would Mats do” point of view.

If I said that Mats was the best of us, that would be an understatement deserving of award. Mats was selfless, logical beyond human reason, and personable beyond what most of us are capable of. If nothing else I would like to take a brief moment to say thanks, like I’ve never said it before.

Mats, I would like to dedicate this day to you and only you. You gave me the confidence to step into the world of Linux and you gave me the substance to do something with it. Even though you’re no longer with us, I hope that your family reads this and understands how much you meant to both me and the entire Linux community. We can never express our gratitude in an appropriately measurable way. I wish only the best for everything you touched in life. Much love and much thanks.

Kendall Weaver
Lead Developer for Peppermint OS
Maintainer for Linux Mint

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  1. Terry

    I learned a lot at the forums and I really wanted to visit his actual obit and maybe pass along some good words. Alas, I have never found it. Is there a Legacy or other site with a remembrance book?


    1. grafiksinc

      His family was very private about that. and all the people on the project close to him left because many of them mentioned it was just to hard continue. Sadly when I came in to the project it was really a new beginning. I do not have much more than that.
      I will ask around to see if I can find anything. But I am really sorry I cannot provide more info.

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