New Peppermint OS Re-Spin Available

We’re proud to offer the first official Peppermint OS respin, featuring a fully updated system a few bug fixes, and a few new features.  We’re going to be respinning the ISO every few weeks in order to make sure that fresh downloads will reflect the improvements we’re making.  Note that it’s easy to update your existing Peppermint OS installation, so if you have it running the way you want it, there’s no reason to download a respin… unless you simply want to download and experiment, then please be our guest and have fun.

What’s new in this respin: Peppermint-One-05222010

  • Mouse and Keyboard settings are persistent – A couple of community members found this bug and we’re happy to have it fixed.  The tool used for these settings was originally written to be integrated with Fluxbox, so we had to make a few adjustments to get everything working as it should in LXDE.
  • Improved localization support for folders – If you frequently login with more than one language, you’ll likely appreciate this one.  A friend on the Linux Mint development team pointed this one out for us.
  • Quick Search in Synaptic now works – This feature was left out of Lubuntu on account of the resource overhead it adds to the graphical package manager, however it’s still easier on resources than the Software Manager and people seem to really like it, so in it goes.
  • Improved support for printing to .pdf format – This one is fairly self explanatory, but after a couple of requests some changes have been made to facilitate easier operation of this feature.
  • Improved support for 3g connectivity – The modemmanager package has been added to the default install so that more people using certain 3g modems can better take advantage of Peppermint OS out of the box.
  • Better spell check in Firefox – The English spell check library has been added to the default install so that people using a live system can appear better educated when they post questions in our forum.
  • Applications for power management and shared folders are visible by default – These are already in the core system, but were originally hidden by default.  Because they might be useful we’ve started maintaining our own versions of these packages that have them displayed by default.
  • Added Prism applications for Peppermint Support and Peppermint Forums – We kind of figured that having obvious access to our support channels could not possibly be a bad thing.  Thus we’ve added obvious access to our support channels.
  • Fully updated as of 5-22-2010 – All package updates for the base system have been installed and tested so that when you download, you don’t have to worry about installing an extra 50 MB of updates right on top of your fresh system.
  • Added “Shutdown” button to the panel – Due to popular request, we’ve added an icon to open the shutdown dialog to the panel.  LXDE traditionally has this by default but we originally removed it to add some real estate to the panel.  It turns out people would rather have the shutdown icon.
  • Menu placement option has been added in Prism – The custom Prism frontend for Peppermint now allows you to select where in the menu you’d like to place web applications.  Originally they all got tossed in the “Internet” menu, but now you can toss them almost anywhere.
  • Probably a few more but I can’t think of them right now. – There have been a few more minor configuration details, but they’re really not worth explaining.  If you’re really interested, download the source packages and have fun.

It’s up now and every download coming off of our main site will be the fresh respin.  Let us know what you think so that we can continue to make each respin better than the last.

Kendall Weaver

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  1. bigBuckets

    Are the updates available through the Update Manager for existing installs? Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. Shane Remington

    Precisely, you don’t need to download a re-spin at all and can rely on the Update Manager all the way.

    This is mainly to insure that all NEW downloads off the site are already up to par with the latest updates

    Cheers and thanks for the kind words


  3. hinto

    Cool… Love the breathing room that Peppermint gives my “lighter-weight” PCs (and Mac)

    1. Mark Greaves

      Small, light on system resources so super quick, with easy (and fine grained) integration of web apps into the menu’s .. Peppermint is a fully functional Ubuntu based distribution with minimal locally installed applications ‘out of the box’, it manages this through the use of web apps instead of locally installed applications, yet unlike other web centric OS’s there’s nothing to stop you installing applications locally as it has easy access to all the software in the Ubuntu repositories, so Peppermint is whatever YOU want it to be, web apps (integrated into the menu’s), locally installed apps, or any mixture of the two.

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