Introducing: Peppermint Ice

Team Peppermint is proud to release its second offering: Peppermint Ice. This is not an upgrade to replace Peppermint OS One, but another project that we will be under constant development from here forward. Peppermint Ice was developed around Chromium as its default browser and a brand new SSB [Site Specific Browser] Application was developed by Kendall Weaver named “Ice” which this new Peppermint variant is named after.

Peppermint Ice Specs

ISO Size:

416 MB

System Requirements:

* i386 or derivative processor (AMD64 and x86_64 are fine as well)
* 192 MB of RAM
* 4 GB hard drive space (this is an overestimate just for good measure)

Under the Hood:

* Pcmanfm 0.9.7
* Openbox
* Xorg 1.7.6
* Lxsession 0.4.3

Default Cloud Applications:

Note: The default Cloud Applications are simply included in Peppermint Ice as an example of  the flexibility of the Peppermint Ice SSB  as opposed to locally installed applications [see “What is Ice” below]. These defaults can easily be removed and added again later as the user sees fit.

Editor by Pixlr [Image Editor], Facebook, Hulu, Last.FM, Pandora, Seesmic Web, The Cloud Player, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Mail, Google Reader

Default Installed Applications:

Chromium Web Browser, Drop-Box, Xnoise [Music Management & Player], Ice, X-Chat [IRC Client], Transmission [Bit Torrent Client]

Click Here to see Screen Shots >>


Team Peppermint is excited to release Peppermint Ice to the public. Please join us at the Peppermint Community Forums and let us know what you think. Your first hand feedback is very important to us

Kendall Weaver

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  1. Sandswift

    Love the look, installed and enjoying the ride. Peppermint already there!
    Congratulations on a great Distro.

  2. asieders

    Best distro I’ve ever used on my IBM T30 thinkpad

    – Speed of Puppy Linux

    – Out-of-the box functionality of Mint

    combined with

    – Maturity, ease-of-use and software availability of Ubuntu

    I just donated $10 urge all other Peppermint fans to join

    Arthur Sieders

  3. RWDub

    Thanks for both Peppermint OS and Peppermint Ice. They are now my default installs on older hardware. I have installed them on a number of friends’ and family’s PCs.

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