New Version of Peppermint Ice Now Available !!

We are proud to announce the release of Peppermint-Ice-10012010, being the first respin of our “Ice” release. This release offers a fully updated system as of October 1st, 2010 and comes with a number of bug fixes, some new features, and some other miscellaneous goodies.
New Peppermint Ice Default Desktop
  • The default Linux kernel has been updated to version 2.6.35.  In an effort to continually try to offer the best possible hardware support, we felt this was a good move for the Ice release
  • A number of lower level updates such as Grep 2.7.0, Samba 3.5.5, File 5.04, Freetype 2.4.2 and others have been implemented in order to offer a more up to date system while remaining primarily on the LTS code base.
  • Ice now has improved support for Broadcom wireless cards, and some nVidia graphics cards.  The implementation is not as complete as in Peppermint One, but is an improvement over the initial Ice release.
  • The “Desktop Preferences” application is now available in the menu.  Due to an issue caused by enabling the window manager menu, this option was sometimes hidden, so we put it in the menu to make it more accessible to users.
  • The same mimetypes and application improvements from the last Peppermint One respin have been applied in order to offer a more cohesive desktop experience from the get go.
  • We have implemented a more appealing cursor theme due to community suggestion.
  • We’ve added a new default wallpaper that we thought looked wicked cool and have slightly adjusted some bits of artwork where necessary.

Other bits of information: Our development with the GData API is ongoing and we’re currently trying out lots of things in that department. There is a new screenshot application coming soon that’s written in pure Python in order to avoid adding extra dependencies to the iso file. Also there are some upstream improvements in some of our default web applications.  Seesmic Web has added functionality for additional services and multiple accounts, Editor by pixlr has fixed the bug associated with saving files locally, and we’ve shifted the default eBuddy login screen to use an advertisement free version.

You’ll notice the new default wallpaper with Peppermint Ice which is very sleek and appealing to the eye. This new desktop design was submitted by Neil Hanvey who is a web developer/graphic designer from the UK. He lives in Hereford with his wife Andrea and his cat Tinkerbell. He spends his days developing websites and his nights doodling as part of the slashThree collective. He collects vinyl toys and pointy guitars when his bank account allows and his favourite film is Aliens. Go check his blog/portfolio out at . Neil will also be working with Peppermint | Linux OS in designing limited edition T-shirts in the near future. Just one look at his artwork and you’ll understand why we are so excited to bring Neil on board as a graphic designer.

The Peppermint Ice respin is up now.  Enjoy it, and don’t forget to buy us a beer if you like it.


Kendall Weaver, Shane Remington, and Team Peppermint

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  1. Lionheart

    The linux kernel 2.6.35 is not fully compatible with all wireless cards in monitor mode

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