Peppermint Will Join SOPA Blackout

Peppermint Nation,

The main Peppermint OS site will be joining the fight against SOPA/PIPA by participating in the blackout January 18th-January 23rd. If you are not aware of this dangerous bill that is attempting to pass US Congress then please watch the following short film and educate yourself as to why this fight is so important >> Why SOPA and PIPA will break the Internet

One of the most effective ways to be heard it go DIRECTLY to Congress, for your district, and tell them what you think. Peppermint has done so over the Internet, email, Twitter, Facebook and any avenue that we can to let our representatives in North Carolina that we are not pleased with their support of SOPA / PIPA and will not be in support of their campaigns from here forward unless they retract their support of these harmful Bills.

We urge you to take action yourself.  This is a great site to see everyone in Congress and where they stand: SOPA Opera

Also, we are using a Free and nifty Stop SOPA WordPress Plug-in to automate the Blackout for us here at Peppermint. Check it out here >> Down With SOPA Plug-In

No Censorship. Freedom, Peace and Good Will to all

Team Peppermint