Peppermint Three CD’s Are Ready

Hello Peppermint Nation,

We’re very excited about the Peppermint Three release and we now have Peppermint Three CD’s, in both 32 and 64 Bit varieties. They are custom printed, NO Stickers or Labels EVER, and shipped anywhere that the US Postal Service delivers! Pick up a Peppermint Three CD Today

CD’s are printed with high gloss Peppermint Logo image on a Taiyo Yuden CD-R and shipped directly from our own CD fulfillment partners in its own protective sleeve.

Peppermint One & Ice CD’s Retired. Buy Limited Edition Signed Copies

That’s right folks, the installation CD’s that started it all are being retired immediately. You can still download them for free but this is the final pressing of the Peppermint One and the Peppermint Ice live / installation discs forever. In fact, on the final pressing we only created 10 of each variety.

Team Peppermint