Team Peppermint: We Want You!

Hello from Peppermint headquarters in western North Carolina! As a project, Peppermint continues to grow and grow, and we are at the tipping point where we could use some immediate assistance. Are you willing to bring your talents and skill set to an established and trusted open source project? Do you get as fired up about Linux based systems as we do? Would you like to join Team Peppermint? If you’re ready to join our ranks, we are about to dive into development of Peppermint Four which is slated for release in June 2013. Please examine the following team spots we are looking to fill.

Note: Currently, these are non-paid, voluntary positions as all of our generated monies go toward keeping the project afloat so we can bring Peppermint, free of charge, to 140 countries and territories worldwide. If you’re comfortable with that, like the rest of the team is, you want to boost that resume of yours, and see your efforts shine in Peppermint Four and beyond – Now is the time. Serious inquires only, please send resumes and any other relevant content etc to

Kindest regards – Team Peppermint


Lead Software Architect

Responsibilities include overseeing the combined efforts of the OS team from a technical standpoint, communicating the progress and needs of the OS team to other executives within the company, providing the technical direction of the OS, and performing any coding and administration jobs necessary to ensure forward progress on the project. This job will also include facilitating communications between OS team members in regards to the functions and features of the project and will provide a final decision should there be a technical dispute over how to move forward with any particular aspect of the project.

Back End Web Developer

We’re looking to fill the role of a back end web developer to construct new applications and to integrate new features into existing applications. Responsibilities will include working with management to determine new features and projects along with being able to articulate the needs of these features and projects to a front end web developer and to systems administrators. Applicants will need to have extremely strong knowledge of web application frameworks such as Rails and Django and must be able to dissect existing applications. Knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Python, and Ruby are required and knowledge of No SQL databases and other scripting languages and app frameworks is greatly preferred.

Front End Web Developer

We’re looking to fill the role of a front end web developer to provide a modern and consistent user interface across multiple sites and services. Responsibilities will include working with back end developers to provide a rich web experience and UI testing on non-deployed servers. Applicants will need to have a strong understanding of modern web design and development standards including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (JQuery and other libraries), and PHP, and will need to be able to provide templates for use with frameworks such as Rails and Django. Knowledge of other frameworks and of web server administration is a plus.

Package Maintainer

We’re looking to fill the role of a package maintainer familiar with DEB format to serve a lead role in infrastructure development, system optimization, and overall system design. Responsibilities will include maintaining repositories, updating and optimizing both deployed and non-deployed servers, desktop system updates, and some mobile packaging. Applicants will need to be familiar with the Debian, Python, Bash, GIT, and Linux systems administration. Knowledge of lower level languages such as C and C++ is greatly preferred, as is knowledge of other package formats such as RPM and PKGBUILD.

Art Director / Graphic Designer

We’re looking for a talented graphics person who can see the vision of Peppermint and translate that into everything that we produce, across all sites, merchandise and the overall look and feel of Peppermint Four Os and beyond. If you are already familiar with GTK Theme’s etc this would be a plus but not necessary. Can you lead Team Peppermint with your graphic wizardry? We need you right away.

Social Media Manager

Peppermint has many social media outlets including Twitter, Google+, Facebook as well as our own Peppermint blog on the official web site. Do you have what it takes to keep Peppermint a relevant source of information not only for the OS itself but open source as a whole? We have a good presence already, but we are looking to push the envelope, and we think there’s someone out there who can expand our overall reach and maintain all of our outlets efficiently. Please get in touch!

Again – Serious Inquires from qualified persons only – please email us and let’s get started

Team Peppermint