New Peppermint Community Forum in the works.

Good day, Peppermint Nation!

After several years of loving and faithful service, our community forum at will be switched over to read-only mode here in a few weeks. Currently we’re in the process of establishing a new community forum at where all new content and support issues will be posted. The new forum is already live, though it’s a bit sparse right now as we’re still in the process of setting everything up, but by all means, go ahead and start using it as soon as you care to.

We will not be migrating everything from the old forum. There is quite a bit of cruft and dated information in the old forum so in order to get a clean, fresh start we’ll mostly be starting the new forum from scratch. We’re going to see about importing things like user accounts and certain boards, but at this point we’re still evaluating them. It is, however, our intention to leave the old forum where it is, in read-only mode for the foreseeable future so that it can serve as a general reference for those who need it. A message will soon be posted on the old forum indicating our plans and directing people to the new forum.

I’m sure a number of people are wondering why move rather than fix/upgrade/migrate the old forum and there are several reasons for us doing so. Notably the old forum is quite dated and is quite a bit hacked up from the back end at this point. Database issues are common, spammers are continually finding new ways to get in, there are a lot of new features we’d like to implement, etc. Rather than deal with these one by one on the dated platform, we decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest to just roll a new forum with 95% of the work done for us and get a clean start without all of the cruft of the old forum.

That brings me to when this is all going down. As mentioned, the new forum is live and we’re actively trying to move the necessary bits. The old forum will be put into read-only mode on April 1st, 2014. Yes, that’s right, April Fools Day. And THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE. I repeat:


So if you frequent our forum, you may want to mark April 1st in your calendar for two things this year.

Thank you all and cheers.


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  1. John Wayne Mullins

    I have just installed(last night) Peppermint 8 on one of my laptops. This is my first time using Linux. I do a lot of research in the Bible using JW Library. I am aware that it is possible to install on Linux. I am looking forward to earning how to do this and also install WPS Office suite. I am 71 years old but Have worked with computers for the last 45 – 50 years. Please forgive all my questions that may arise.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi John and welcome to Peppermint. Can’t say I have any experience of JW Library but I’m sure we can figure it out, WPS Office is no problem at all.
      Can I suggest you join our support forum:
      which is much better geared to technical support, and is much more actively monitored than here .. hope to see you there :)

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