Peppermint Six is Here!

peppermint_laptop_screen_logoPeppermint is excited to announce the launch of our latest operating system Peppermint Six. Lightweight and designed for speed, Peppermint Six delivers on that promise whether using software on your desktop, online, or using cloud based apps.

Initially, Peppermint One was designed out of our desire for an operating system optimized for working online. Each year since then, we have improved on it, and we are very excited about new and improved features in Peppermint Six.

Shane Remington, COO of Peppermint, states, “I want to take this opportunity to thank Mark Greaves who stepped up and produced most of what you see here in Peppermint Six. Mark is now playing a major role here at Peppermint by leading the development team. I think you will be impressed what he and the others have put together in Peppermint Six.”

Peppermint Six Highlights

  • Peppermint 6 is still built on the 14.04 LTS (Long Term Support) base, but we’ve moved to the 14.04.2 “point release” which includes the 3.16 kernel and an updated graphics stack.
    (this is to sidestep the upstream 9 month support issue that comes
    with basing on the not LTS code bases).
  • We’re now using the Nemo file manager, which gives some nice new features including the ability to handle custom nemo action scripts, better desktop management, easier mounting and management of remote network shares (including Windows SMB shares, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP over SSH, etc.), and a smoother overall experience.
  • Along with our policy of not sticking with standard LXDE
    components where better choices are available, we’ve dropped the
    LXTerminal in favour of Sakura which allows tabbed terminals,
    scrolling, and Gtk+3 color handling including background images.
  • The Update Manager has been replaced with MintUpdate, but with the same settings as update-manager, so the bottom panel update shield makes a comeback.
  • In line with user feedback and proven format handling Guayadeque and Gnome MPlayer have been replace with VLC as a “one app to play them all” replacement.
  • The default image viewer has been changed from Mirage to the eog (Eye of Gnome) image viewer.
  • The xfce4-power-manager has been replaced by mate-power-manager and i3lock replaces light-locker as the default ScreenLock which was causing problems for some users.
  • We’ve moved to the Gnome Search Tool which has a more intuitive user interface, and finer grained control of search criteria.
  • The new Wallpaper manager (based on nitrogen) now makes wallpaper management a breeze, just right-click on the desktop and select “Change Desktop Background” and you’ll see what we mean. The ability to right-click any image file and choose “Set as wallpaper” is also still present.
  • Linux Mint’s USB creation tools “mintstick” are now included by default, making the creation of LiveUSB’s from isohybrid ISO images and the formatting of USB sticks as simple as it gets.
  • Peppermix is our new window manager and widget theme, and for all the dark theme lovers out there (and we know you are legion), we’ve included a dark version “Peppermix-Dark”.
  • Smaller tweaks include 2 new keyboard shortcuts:-
    PrtSc = save a whole screen capture to your desktop
    Alt+PrtSc = save just the active window to your desktop
    The addition of a right click “Calculate MD5 Checksum” context menu
    The activation of the F4 = “Open Terminal Here” Nemo accelerator
    And various bug fixes.

We invite you to compare Peppermint to other operating systems, we are confident you will be impressed. To take Peppermint Six out for a test drive, visit our website at where you can download it for free. If you need help installing Peppermint Six, or have any questions about using it, we have a second-to-none user support team at

About Peppermint OS LLC

Peppermint OS LLC is a software company, based in Asheville, North Carolina. Founded in 2010, we are committed to building the best operating system for both enterprise and consumers available on the widest range of devices. To find out more about our company, please visit us at


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  1. I Like Peppermint

    I am going to download but sadly there is no torrent, I like Peppermint steps for Web app integration thanks …..

    1. Mark Greaves

      We hope you like it ;)

  2. Roger Peartree

    This is great news indeed. I installed Peppermint 5 about a month ago for another person so I’ll make sure I’ll update that but I have an old netbook in which I’m using Linux Mint 17.1 Xfce but it freezes a lot, specially when using a browser in conjunction with other apps, so I will install Peppermint 6 on that. I’m kinda tired of having to do hard reboots because even ctrl+alt+backspace ceases to work to restart Xorg. What I love about Peppermint is that it is the only distro that uses my beloved Xfwm4 window manager in an LXDE environment. That’s why I don’t use Lubuntu, I don’t like Openbox. Also when I tried Lubuntu 15.04 the mouse pointer disappeared after the install. The same happened with Xubuntu 15.04 so I’m glad you guys are sticking with the 14.04 base code. I’ll now download and install Peppermint 6 for myself on that netbook. Thanks a lot for the dark theme, can’t wait to see that. You guys rock and Peppermint is the most cool LXDE based distro around.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Thanks for the kind comments, we’re happy to hear you’re enjoying Peppermint .. please be sure to drop by the forum and leave some feedback on Peppermint 6 (good or bad, as long as it’s constructive), it’s always good to hear from our users and helpful to decide on direction for the next version :)

  3. Ed Hastie

    Great news, I love Peppermint, it’s by far the easiest to install, fastest, easiest to work with and most stable of all the distros I have tried.

  4. be6kin

    Bravo !!! The best !!! …

  5. Don Gibbens

    Excited to try Peppermint 6. I especially like the speed it runs. I am testing it in a Compaq SFF Desktop (originally loaded with Windows XP). I am testing it as an Internet Radio Player using the ICE setup, and it performs faster than my Windows 8.1 Desktop!
    One feature I do not like is that when you “popup” the “Start button” menu, it doesn’t retract most of the time, unless you on the desktop, again in the menu, and then back on the desktop. THEN it retracts. An irritation. I noticed that Peppermint 5 had the same problem.
    Also, if I want to put the ICE links on the desktop, it gives me a message like “are you sure” and you have to select something like OK to run Executable. (not in front of it at the moment) Peppermint 5 didn’t do that.
    I am going to be using Peppermint 6 as my default OS for the older computers I am making up to donate to others, it is that good!

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Don, The Peppermint team are glad to hear you’re enjoying Peppermint.
      The menu is designed to stay open when you copy a launcher from the menu to the desktop in case you want to copy another . it closes when you then click the menu button again then click somewhere else.
      When copying a launcher to the desktop the new Nemo file manager prompts you to answer if you “Trust” the launcher on first run .. this is a security feature, once you acknowledge you trust the launcher it will display and work properly permanently unless you manually mark it as non-executable.
      Neither of these things are bugs .. they’re “features” ;)
      Thanks again Don, we’re honoured you chose Peppermint Six as the OS for the computers you donate .. brilliant stuff, keep up the good and charitable work:)
      Team Peppermint

  6. diogo


    Sem duvida um SO bem trabalhado..leve, rapido..estavel…

    ja instalei aqui em alguns amigos como sistema principal e mais estão pedindo para instalar o pepermint 6 nos seus portateis…

    Abraço aqui de Portugal.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Esta é uma grande notícia , estamos muito felizes em ouvir que você está desfrutando Peppermint Seis e é ajudar os outros apreciá-lo como bem .. manter o bom trabalho.
      Esperamos, também, ” Google Translate ” funcionou corretamente :)

  7. Kevin

    let me know when you finally get to kernel 4.0.5. I am using that kernel now with my old Dell Inspiron 1525 with some work on the wifi adapter driver. It especially works well with the built in Intel video adapter.
    Thank you.

  8. brucedp

    Peppermint6 does not seem to have that much difference or improvement over Peppermint5. I have both installed on my PC in the 64bit version. And I am glad I did because after some updates, tvtime app got jittery on the Peppermint6-64 version, but not the Peppermeint5-64 version. I am going to assume a new video driver was installed on Peppermint6 as part of those updates.

    I resolved the issue by doing a fresh install of Peppermint6-64, and the jittery tvtime video playback stopped (it was back to normal). I do not plan to do any Peppermint6-64 updates, and just keep it as is. But I do plan to continue to do Peppermeint5-64 updates same as before.
    : geforce6100pm-m2-v2 mobo, 4GB ram, ~6gb Sata2 drive partition, using built in D-Sub video-port, to a Sanyo LCD monitor (1024×768 60Hz 24bit-color) :

    1. brucedp

      CORRECTION to above: the mobo is a asrock-h77m (not a geforce6100pm-m2-v2), with an A3 APU.

    2. Mark Greaves

      Hi brucedp,
      It’s quite easy to revert Peppermint 6 to the 3.13 kernel series and xorg stack (as used in Peppermint 5) and it still to receive automatic updates via the 14.04 repositories.
      If you want help doing so .. please ask on our support forum, and we’ll be happy to assist:

  9. Richard Darrell

    For a newbie to Linux, this was easy to install. Man this OS is fast. Turned my weak powered netbook into a race horse. I am giddy about the thought of putting on my big rig machine and seeing how fast it will run. You have just converted a die hard Windows users. I am drinking the Linux Kool-Aid now!!

    1. Mark Greaves

      Happy to hear you’re enjoying Peppermint Richard.

  10. thorhr1

    What happened to Kendall Weaver?

    1. Mark Greaves

      Kendall has other commitments at the moment, but is still around in an advisory capacity.

  11. Rob

    Just want to say that I am glad to hear that OS6 is now out. I have been a Peppermint fan for some time. But, for some reason, the last release on my last two computers did weird things and gave me strange messages. But then again, so did Ubuntu running 14.04. I tried Ubuntu 14.04.02 and those problems went away, but there were the new problems of booting to busy box, and the PC just freezing up. So I had to to a hard reboot. Not at all what one looks forward to with Linux. So, I am hoping that 6 is problem free.

    Thanks for listening.

    1. Mark Greaves

      So do we Rob, good luck ;)

  12. Wim

    Will six work on my eeepc 701?

    1. Mark Greaves

      I can’t see why not, but if it’s the one with a 4GB SSD you’ll need to edit a file prior to installation otherwise it may reort you don’t have enough disk space .. as I said there is a workaround for this, but it’d be best if you joined the support forum and asked on there:

  13. William Croysdill

    What did you guys do with video driver from pepemint 5 now in 6 my Geforce 520 in direct 3d games don’t display correctly. Ive found a work around and that’s to use proprietary drivers but im limited as everything is so tiny on the desk top I can’t see it on my 42 inch monitor.

    1. Mark Greaves

      The kernel and xorg were updated to more recent versions .. if you want to go back to the ones used in Peppermint 5, please ask on the support forum:

  14. uRwhatUr

    Peppermint 6 is my distribution of choice for this 52 year old linux newbie. I tried just a few others, but for me Peppermint 6 just “feels” more comfortable to use. Great job and thanks!

    1. Mark Greaves

      You’re most welcome .. we’re happy to hear you’re enjoying Peppermint 6 and thanks for the feedback :)
      If you ever need any support or just want to chat please join us on our friendly community forum.

  15. Shamgar

    I had the dream to find a Linux release able to replace Windows 7 on my old EEEPC 1000h I use everyday for work. I tried 5-6 famous distribution but they were not so user friendly as they promised nor so performant as they said on an old machine like mine. Then, when I was about to quit, I found Peppermint, and after two weeks I can say I finally found what I was looking for: this distribution is very light, easy to use and nice to see. It’s Linux as I always imagined it has to be. So as a linux newbie I just want to thank, you did a great job!

    1. Mark Greaves

      It’s always great to receive user feedback, thanks very much :)

  16. thony

    excelente simplemente excelente es el mejor sistema, super estable, super rapido, y trae todo lo que se ocupa no e encontrado distro mas perfecta que esta y ojo e pasado por ubuntu (todas las interfaces), debían( todas las interfaces), manjaro igual incluyendo las interfaces igual y otras distros basadas en debían y ubuntu y personalmente esta es la mejor que e visto no tengo palabras es el sistema perfecto facil de instalar, ligero super rapido cumple todas mis necesidades y mucho mas con el navegador chromium (mi navegador favorito) las web apps fabuloso, y lo mejor no trae programas innecesarios trae practicamente lo que se nesesita para funcionar en cualquier pc o laptop no saben cuanto les agradesco por esta distro bendita que para mi es la mejor ( en ubuntu tenia bugs como por ejemplo el wifi dejaba de funcionar por un tiempo determinado y no cargaba paginas tenia que reiniciarla una y otra vez demasiado tedioso) pero con peppermint todo funciona a la perfeccion se que esta basada en ubuntu pero les digo esta es mejor que el propio ubuntu y debian al menos es lo que creo por experiencias propias ya que une la estabilidad de debian y la instalacion sencilla de ubuntu sin duda la mejor alternativa para novatos como para avanzados en linux, y es increible como la interfaz LXDE se ve tan preciosa y mi favorita sin duda y el tema dark que trae es hermoso, y la terminal sakura es preciosa vean sin duda este es el mejor sistema que e visto, las herramientas para formatear el usb estan excelentes como tambien para hacer live usb, pero lo mejor esque es una distro ligera y perfecta miren simplemente para mi este es el sistema perfecto y lo amo si lo amo como no hacerlo si es hermoso y perfecto gracias de verdad :) de todas las 64 distros que e probado me quedo con la mejor de todas peppermint OS…:)

  17. Mark Greaves

    Alabanza de hecho .. muchas gracias.
    (If that makes no sense, blame Google translate)

  18. Tom

    Stupid question but is it possible to upgrade an existing Peppermint 5 system to Peppermint 6 ?
    I can’t seem to find any way on my peppermint 5 system to upgrade…

    1. Mark Greaves

      I’m afraid currently there’s no easy and 100% safe way to upgrade besides a fresh install.

  19. Martin

    I am a real newbie but have had peppermint 4 on my eee pc x101h for a while now, i’d like to update to peppermint 6, can I simply update or do i have to load new os 6 from iso?

    1. Mark Greaves

      Currently there is no “upgrade” path between versions in Peppermint, so I’m afraid you’d need to do a fresh install.

      If you ask on our forums, we’ll be happy to assist if we can though.

  20. dan

    Peppermint six. =…i386.iso on a CD …..NICE
    Running on Fujitsu Lifebook A3040 AMD Turion 64 Mobile 1.5gig ram.
    Thank you for a very nice OS. Tried all the *buntu’s and Mint’s. I will stick with 6.
    Thanks again.

  21. Mark Greaves

    Great to hear you’re enjoying Peppermint dan, and thanks for the kind words :)

  22. Jony

    Is there a faster download site? It looks like it’s going to take 18hour to download your iso. And for some reason my wget cant continue the download I started 5 hours ago – gets a 404.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Jony, maybe downloading via torrent would be faster.

      1. Jony

        It’s not, well, not at the moment. Very poor seeding upload rates 1 -2kb. Downloading via browser I get all of 8 – 11 kb/s

      2. Jony

        Looks like someone opened up the torrent gates. If it was you guys, ta. I will come back and tell you how I get on. So far, so good. Thanks

        1. Jony

          Hi Mark

          Got the distro and installed it early this morning. Great stuff. Looks pretty, and most amazingly makes my ancient laptop blitz about from task to task. One problem tho is networking. I have neither ethernet nor wireless.
          The machine is an old HP G7000 with 1 Mb Ram. I suspect the netwroking failure may have to do with the RFKILL switch attached to the Broadcom BCM4311 wireless card. My eth0 is underlaid by a Realtek RTL-8100/8101L/8139 pci adaptor.

          I suspect it has to do with the RFKILL switch, as the light remains orange even if I press it. Under vista it ran blue when activated. I have also attempted to override the kill switch in BIOS settings. GRUB attempts to change the value of /dev/rfkill0, however in response it indicates that this is not a directory.

          I have installed urfkill from the universe repository via usb, however, this has not helped. Any ideas?


  23. Jony

    I will take my question to the forum. Thanks for a great distro.

  24. Jony

    Guys, I cannot thank you enough, not only have you put together a fantastic distro, but when I hit trouble on a Saturday afternoon, you were able to put me right in 2 hours. On a Saturday afternoon!
    Peppermint’s the berries!
    Thank you.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Sorry Jony, I hadn’t noticed your postings on here, but happy to see you joined us on the forum :)

  25. Adalberto

    Thanks for a great OS. It is very useful for me.

  26. Mark Greaves

    You’re most welcome Adalberto :)

  27. Roy

    Only just found about Peppermint 6 today!! Downloading as we speak and very much looking forward to using it. I’ve been a Linux user of many different distros for many many years and Peppermint is for me by far the best and I’ve had it as my main distro since Peppermint 3. Keep up the good work and thank you!!

  28. Mark Greaves

    Thanks Roy, great to hear your a long term Pepperminter :)

  29. Richard

    Great!!, is a monster Peppermintos!! I love it! Congratulations guys.

  30. Mark Greaves

    Thanks Richard, we’re happy you like it :)

  31. colin

    thought i had mashed my harddrive but peppermint 6 installed itself in 10 mins ,keep up the good work ,thanks

    1. Mark Greaves

      You’re welcome Colin, happy to hear you’re all sorted :)

  32. James Carroll

    I ran peppermint 4 on my aspire one then peppermint 5 and now 6. With each upgrade it has gotten better and faster. It runs so well I decided to keep the aspire one and bought a new battery and upgraded the ram. I installed it also on an Asus X205t but things are not so happy there. Sadly the X205t doesn’t like linux and the WiFi and sound are broken. Not peppermint’s fault as it doesn’t work under any of the distros I tried. Too bad as the 1080p video is so smooth (but silent).

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi James, have you asked on the forum ? .. maybe someone on there can help with WiFi and audio on the ASUS.

  33. Jeremy Scruggs

    So far i am really enjoying Peppermint Linux OS 6.
    It is running beautifully on the machines my home.
    My Wife’s laptop is set to dual boot between–Windows 7/Peppermint Linux OS 6.
    My primary Desktop which is setup to dual boot between Windows 10/Peppermint Linux OS 6.

    I also installed it on my Niece’s Asus EEE PC Netbook.
    The netbook has Peppermint Linux OS 6 and Windows 7 Installed but the windows 7 install is mainly there so she can make physical backups of her iphone.
    All-in-all i am very impressed with how well it runs on her netbook.
    items like chromium do take a second or two to load but after that they run beautifully.
    i know i can resolve this by upgrading the hard drive to a solid state drive but just haven’t had time to do the upgrade for her.

    I have also installed on an old HP Pavilion Dual-Core pc that i gave my mother-in-law.
    Mainly what she needed was a no fuss solution that would let her surf the internet and look at family pictures when needed.
    i upgraded the memory in the machine to 4GB and gave the machine a swap around that size–which is rarely ever used and this machine just screams speed considering its age.

    so my review of Pepperminit Linux OS 6—dont think about it Just enjoy and use the operating system.
    the way it works is a thing of beauty and it’s rare if i find anything it can’t do.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Thanks for the kind words Jeremy, we very much appreciate the feedback.

      It’s great to see you’re enjoying Peppermint that much you’re using it everywhere .. Nice :)

  34. Ricardo Rodriguez

    I’m really intrigued. I’m about to install it in netbook that couldn’t run manjaro properly. I’ll give feedback as soon as I get installed…

    1. Mark Greaves

      Great stuff Ricardo, we’d be happy to see you on the forum if you need any assistance, or just want to chat :)

  35. alan

    i have read that you can run puppy linux from a thumb drive. is that also true of any of the mint distros? i am currently running windows 8. the only things i like about it are 2: i downloaded the classic shell start button. the other nice thing is in control panel, change desktop background i can select any number of photos that are also in the MY PICTURES file, one pic or more to be the desktop. i can select how offten it changes pics. i selected every 10 seconds. so my desktop is a slideshow of old family pictures. is there any linux OS that will do that? i have been watching videos on youtube trying to learn that but no luck yet. aslo i have seen that in opensuse the user can make the start button look like windows XP. can you do that with MINT or PUPPY?? if i could make a linux OS have a start button like XP, and make it cycle my pictures like a slide show i think i would make linux the main OS & then put win 8 in a virtual box, or quit uasing it altogether. all i do winth my computer is play music & watch movies & videos. Now i do see that linux distros will slideshow on the desktop background pics that are loaded on the OS and they do look nice, but i want to slideshow my own pictures. anyone able to answer these questions??

    1. Mark Greaves

      There are quite a few methods to slideshow pics as your wallpaper in Linux .. the easiest method would probably be to install the “variety” application.
      Changing the menu button .. this could be done in Peppermint 6, but sadly not in Peppermint 7

  36. Wim

    Mark. Here I am again. As a fan of eeepc 4g i loved de combination with Peppermint. Now the esrlier verslons don’t work in updates I notice the Peppermint grew bitter and bigger. My combination doesn T fit anymore. Is there a possibility to make an Tiny Peppermint to keep this little Eee machine Alive? I am 63 and NOT a very good itc. So the simplicity of Peppermint is mij lifeline.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Wim,
      Could you please ask on our forum, and please mention what you mean by “my combination doesn’t fit any more” .. as far as I’m aware Peppermint 7 should still fit in 4GB, the ISO image has grown a little because we didn’t use compression on it this time to speed up ‘Live’ sessions, but that shouldn’t mean the ‘installed’ size should have grown ‘much’.

  37. Sabsun

    I am unable to install Epson L360 inkjet printer in peppermint OS 6,is there any way ?,Epson does have debian version software but the OS is unable to accept it.

  38. Sabsun

    Also is their any universal printer software which works for all printers that i can install in peppermint OS 6 ?

  39. Sabsun

    OS is good installing printer is the only issue,i have already installed wine and playonlinux,and tried installing windows version of printer software but it isnt working

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Sabsun, can you please visit the support forum:
      where we’ll be happy to try assist you with your printer .. TIA :)

  40. Mateo Saraiva

    good, some way to download previous versions since my computer is low-resource I would like to download version 6

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Unfortunately no, not at this time.

  41. Isa

    I used Peppermint and loved it but it was installed on my Lenevo Chromebook and the it had major brightness problem with any site where i can watch movies. Peppermint doesn’t seem to fit with my Intel display card. Sadly I had to remove Peppermint and go with another Linux distribution.

    1. grafiksinc

      @Isa – its ok no problem. you will always be welcome back. Peppermint has a spot for everyone.

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