A BIG “Thank You” to the Peppermint 8 Team

Peppermint SevenTeam Peppermint would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the planning, development, testing, and promotion of Peppermint Eight.

This includes all the forum moderators, trusted users, beta testers, website developers, graphic artists, and ANYONE else that contributed on any level .. without whom the changes implemented in Peppermint Eight would have been limited in scope, longer in development, less tested, and/or simply not possible.

A special shout out goes to:-
  • AndyInMokum
  • emegra
  • mac
  • scifidude79
  • VinDSL
  • 10i
  • alynur
  • Capivara
  • cavy
  • jlschwartz
  • josephd
  • lswarte
  • murraymint
  • perknh
  • Pikolo
  • Slim.Fatz
  • spence
  • zebedeeboss

(many apologies if we forgot anyone)

All of who not only put in extraordinary effort in coding, testing, and debugging Peppermint 8, but had a direct impact on it’s development via suggestions for improvement, artwork, and discussions on ‘direction’. Thanks largely to their input, both technical and humorous when necessary, Peppermint 8 development was a pleasure, an honour, and an absolute blast .. THANKS Guys, Peppermint 8 wouldn’t exist without you.


Kindest regards,

Team Peppermint

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  1. LinuxCrazy

    Downloading it now. Would comment later whether it’s as good as pepper 6 or not

    1. Jared Tamana

      Never used 6, jumped right into 7 Respin. What’s wrong with 7?

      1. jerry h

        I’m still on 6 due to AMD dropping the ball on propietary drivers past that.

        1. Mark Greaves

          Have you tried the open source drivers lately ? .. I too thought they were rubbish when 16.04 was released, but they’ve come a long way recently (depending on hardwarwe of course), still a pity that there’s no helpful configuration GUI as with fglrx but the drivers themselves now seem just as good. Glad to see you’re still using Peppermint though Jerry, and thanks for the feedback :)

  2. Tenderfoot

    I just installed Peppermint OS 8 into VirtualBox and it runs perfectly so far.

    One Issue I have with all Linux Distro’s so far is that I cannot PLAY LIVE TV using the Playstation Vue Web site. It always says I need to update the browser. Unfortunately, I get the same error when using Peppermint OS 8 too. I’m bummed as I subscribe to Playstation Vue for my Live TV needs and CAN run it on almost all of my other devices including Amazon Fire TV, Android Tablets, Windows Internet Browsers, etc. ONLY Linux won’t allow the playing of video from their site. Sure wish someone could look into this and see if it’s fixable.


    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Tenderfoot, thanks for the kind words .. I have no idea how the Playstation VUE website handles video but have you tried simply using a user agent switcher in either Google Chrome or Firefox so the browser reports it’s running on Windows/Android/OS X/iOS ?

  3. john

    Hello everyone I need help that requirement has peppermint os 8 I have installed os 7 requirement of my pc is
    1ghz processor
    1gb ram

    1. Mark Greaves

      Theoretically Peppermint 8 shouldn’t be much heavier than 7, the added volume manager service runs at about an extra 12Mb (though you could disable this) .. I say theoretically because the new kernel and graphics drivers may (or may not) be heavier, and Chromium may (or may not) be heavier in use.
      If your 1Gb machine is struggling with Peppermint 7 I’d probably stick with 7, but if it has anything left to spare try 8.
      As I said **theoretically** it shouldn’t be much heavier but when you get to the stage where every Mb of RAM makes a difference, even things like the image used for the wallpaper can make that difference so it becomes hard to be definitive.

  4. john

    Thanks friend for the information

  5. africana

    Hi there kindly help me out, when I launch an application and then minimize it, it won’t dock to task bar it will just disappear, i don’t see it run on the task bar as before. Please how do I go about this, either to reset or any but at least to have my running programs visible on the task bar. I use Peppermint OS 7.

    Thank you

  6. africana

    Hi there, I finally got a way about my problem, it was the windows button that disappeared from the task bar, causing all running applications not to dock.

    That being said, I also desire to move to Peppermint 8 but I cannot afford a fresh installation at this time because of the heavy tweaking and extreme installation and customizations and library that I installed on this present OS, I read somewhere earlier that you said upgrade is not available only fresh installation.
    Please it would be nice that from next release or whenever possible that there should be an option of upgrade like other OS.

    Your good work is always appreciated.


    1. Mark Greaves

      Sorry africana, I only just spotted this, for some reason the website didn’t send me a notification.
      Have you solved your docking issue ?

      1. africana

        Yes thank you I was able to solve it. Peppermint is ever wonderful…

  7. john costner

    i’m very happy to use your distribution peppermintos seven.a big thank you team peppermint.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Thanks very much for the feedback John, much appreciated :)

  8. africana

    Hi there, thanks for your continuous well delivery. Often times you recommend going to forum.peppermint.com, I must say I don’t know how to make my way about it most times. The challenge with me at this time is that I want to be able to make BOLD THE FONTS my desktop ICONS on Peppermint 8, until I am not able to do so. I was able to do that in Peppermint 7, which not only made the desktop ICONS bold but also the fonts in the (nemo) file manager. I hope to hear from you on how to go about this. Regards…

    1. africana

      Thanks again, I was about to make way about it, I modified my gtk.css file in /usr/share/themes/Peppermix-Light-7-Red/gtk-3.0 directory, I also created a nemo.css file with some styling in it into /usr/share/themes/Peppermix-Light-7-Red/gtk-3.0/app directory and imported it in the gtk.css with that I was able to have it solved.

      Thanks to pepperMint…

      1. africana

        The first solution above (only) worked for my nemo file manager, for the desktop Icon font, I was able to fix that with deconf editor under org =>nemo =>desktop => font, I edited the font property. I must say this made me learned and understood my Peppermint Linux a little more which thing I really appreciate. As ever thanks and regards…

  9. MrSluggo

    I’ve stopped jumping from one Linux distro to another. I finally come to realize that i found my new home in Peppermint.

    Many thanks to the Peppermint development team.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Great to hear you’ve found your new home, welcome aboard MrSluggo :)

      If you ever want a chat with other users and/or the team you’ll be made to feel very welcome at the forum .. we’d love to see you there.

  10. Johan

    I installed it yesterday on my HP Sleekbook after W10 gave me a bluescreen, wich i never had with W10 on this ultrabook. I could not start it and i could not repair it, so i thought screw it, i install Peppermint and wipe W10 completely. Enjoying it, but i’m an absolute noob when it comes to Linux, so i hope i don’t regret installing Peppermint 8.

    1. Mark Greaves

      We hope you don’t regret it either Johan, so if you have any questions or just want to chat please join us on our community support forum:

  11. Fishman Loves Linux

    I have no issues at all just wanted to say thanks. I have been using Peppermint 8 since it’s releasse and it purs like a kitten for me. I am really happy with this release.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Fishman, we watch your YouTube channel regularly, so it’s kind of special to hear Peppermint is ‘doing it’ for you .. keep up your great Linux YouTube work :)
      (sorry it took us a while to respond, for some reason we didn’t receive the usual automatic notification)

  12. Bill

    I have tried a lot of different flavors of BSD and Linux. Peppermint has been the most pleasurable distro so far. While I like BSD, for my 12 yr old laptop (admittedly a high end one then), Peppermint is the best one.
    BUT what I really love, is that the touchpad (turn that thing off!!!!) switch (check box) is where I can find it easily and in fact, exists at all. THANKS!!! I know it seems such a little thing but trust me when I say that having giving me that option easily, might have saved me from a heart attack. )))
    I am actually very impressed, overall, with Peppermint, and Peppermint 8 most of all. Again, thanks ))

    1. Mark Greaves

      Thank YOU for taking the time to provide feedback Bill, the little touches often go unappreciated (or maybe just ‘overlooked) so it’s great hear they are actually useful .. terrific to also hear you’re enjoying your overall Peppermint experience :)

  13. Olga

    I want to say Many thanks to the development team for this distribution!
    Peppermint 8 saved my little laptop Dell Inspiron 11-3162 with a 32GB memory card from Windows 10! It used too much space!
    Now I have a place to install programs and update the system!
    Most pleased with the ability of Peppermint 8 64 bit to calmly boot up with UEFI and be established without problems and dance with a tambourine!
    And she also has a very nice interface! It is flexible! The system works fast with 2 GB of RAM!

    1. Mark Greaves

      Many thanks Olga for taking the time to let us know you’re enjoying Peppermint. Yeah, too many distro’s overlook the little things like tambourine dancing which is an absolute must for some people ;)

  14. Mark Greaves

    There’s no simple answer to this carlos, it depends on the hardware .. try raising this as a question on our support forum:

  15. Jay Speed

    Hello, just instaled P8 on the same model PC as where I have Mint 18.3 Mate running.
    I find it a bit slower to respond than Mint on the same hardware.
    Tomorrow I will tested first with doubling the Ram to 4 Gb DDR2 800 and than on a faster PC, but for an OS based on the same 16.04 LTS it seems strange.
    Both have a Dual core, P8 a 2,8 and Mint a 3.0 so that’s not a lot difference, same HD 160GB Seagate.
    Your OS looks good and easy to tweake, in any case I am going to keep it for a while for daily use, that’s still the best test.
    Regards, Jay.

    1. Mark Greaves

      It most definitely shouldn’t be slower than Mint on the same hardware .. maybe you could pop over to the support forum where we’ll try getting to the bottom of what’s happening:

  16. esjay

    Thanks to Team Peppermint. This is a masterpiece in the World of Linux. Fast, stable, easy to use, thought-out. Keep it up!

    1. Mark Greaves

      The thanks should be from us esjay, for the terrifically encouraging feedback .. so thank YOU :)

  17. Jay Speed

    Installed P8 64bit on a 64GB USB 3 stick and I am testing it on different hardware.
    First install was on a Celeron 64bit without HD and than placed the stick direct in a AMD PC also without HD and it ran perfect.
    Up to now I have put the stick in 5 different PC without any trouble, updating the OS and coupled 4 USB wifi sticks with P8, so that I don’t have to repeat the wifi passwords in the different localities.
    I carry P8 USB stick and a Xaomi wifi stick together for easy access on PC’s that don’t want to start up and so on.
    For the moment thats a change from Mint, seems to do the job.
    Inpressed with PeppermintOS 8, I normally use Mint 18.3 and keep to Debian based OS’s.
    Installed P8 on a Dell Optiplex 760, no problem and changed to Mate desktop, next step is trying it on my dual CPU AMD Opteron workstation.
    I will use a new SSD for that, I never got CentOS to run on that PC but also never tried Mint on it, works great with Win7 pro.
    So lets compare between Peppermint 8 and Mint 18.3, both on a new SSD.

    1. Jay Speed

      ” So lets compare between Peppermint 8 and Mint 18.3, both on a new SSD. ”
      Each seperatly on a new SSD, wanted to make that clear.
      I don’t use dual boot any more for more than ten years, those caddy’s for changing the HD’s are a wonderfull thing.
      Must have used a hundred of them, for the last 15 years.

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