Passing of Mark Greaves

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Our friend Mark Greaves passed away on January 14th. Mark was a longtime contributor to Peppermint and became its project lead and CEO in 2015 during the release cycle of Peppermint Six and was its greatest contributor in all the releases that followed including our latest release of Peppermint 10 Respin just a couple months ago.

Among the best in our community Mark joined Peppermint in 2012. As PCNetSpec he frequently answered support questions in our community forum before anyone else had the chance. With 26,466 posts he remains our most active contributor and dearest friend.

We invite friends to leave comments and memories here or in the forum announcement.

Mark is survived by his wife Jayne and two sons Dan and Marcus who have created a memorial fund is his name. Everyone is welcome to visit that page for more information on how they can contribute.

Team Peppermint is dedicated to continue Mark’s legacy by supporting Peppermint 10, building our community and plan to release Peppermint 11 later this year.

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  1. Indeed bad news. I hope that the team will be able to complete his way.

  2. I hope they can find a maintainer.

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