Website Maintenance

Peppermint web server maintenance is planned for March 7th starting at 20:00 UTC or 8:00pm GMT and will likely last for up to 8 hours hours. During that time any posts made to the forum may be lost as we perform upgrades to our software.

Additionally, the forum and website is expected to be inaccessible at certain points as we update the server.

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  1. Anmol Mathneja

    HI Peppermint OS Team,
    I recently came across this beautiful distro. And I am shocked after it’s perfomance why I never listened about it at all this long years. But I really make sure I will now just keep using it as it’s the best and get everything covered you need in OS. I am Web Developer by profession and really want to contribute to this project by skills. I can handle website works, backend, Database management and SEO. I will be really happy if I can contribute to project,


    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Anmol, join us in the forums we’re always looking for volunteers.

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