Peppermint OS 11: What we would like to see

BosTechMo discusses what they’d like to see in Peppermint OS 11

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  1. Steven

    I use linux mint xfce for many years now, and I tried Peppermint yesterday. I am really really impressed.
    You managed to use less ram and even less cpu than Linux mint xfce.
    Linux mint is an incredible distro but you managed to add few options really helpful as the size of the pointer, Debian software and many other little things…
    So I am going to install Peppermint 10.
    Congratulations, I really hope you can keep going and I can’t wait to see Peppermint 11.

    About Snap, I understand the concern of Linux Mint but you are right to leave the choice. But I think it will be good to explain the situation to the users before they use snap like a pop pup to explain before using. Like that, they can choose. and I really like you can add app from Debian as well. Another choice and liberty.
    A lot of liberty in fact…
    I was wondering if you install a programme like chromium by snap, does it use more space on the disk? It looks like the installation is bigger by snap than by apt or debian…

    Thank you again for your work.


    1. Joseph Dickson

      Thanks for your support. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Peppermint.
      My guess is that a snap and or flatpack will include a few libraries that a traditional deb package would expect is already installed on the system but that’s more of a question for debate in our forums :)

      1. Matt

        Hi Joseph I really enjoyed previous versions of Peppermint OS. I really love to run lighter operating systems for my main desktop that features an i7 processor. I really like the fact that Peppermint OS gives the user a flashy but still down to earth operating system. I always enjoy using less resources and saving them for when they are truly needed which Peppermint allows. I forgot though how the EOL (end of life) works. Do you follow Ubuntu LTS dates 5 years or Lubuntu 3 Years?

        1. Joseph Dickson

          All upstream updates from the Ubuntu project will continue so from a security perspective you can keep using Peppermint 10 until 18.04 reaches end of life. However, the Peppermint software packages may not receive updates as we tend to only support the latest version after it becomes available.

  2. LinuxMintUser

    A software that allows Appimage to be integrated into the system [integration in the menu – launchers – dock and define predefined applications software] is
    Could be an interesting alternative for Peppermint OS 11

    Best regards

  3. nakedllama

    I started using GNU/Linux on December 2019 and my first distro was Pop!_OS, I moved to another linux disrto after that one just to experiment and then i heard of peppermint 10 and decided to try it….it was bloody amazing and I literally had zero bugs! To get more experience I left pepper mint to try Fedora 32…big mistake. Fedora was really unstable on my pc and it didn’t work out…I then tried other distributions and i can to a conclusion…It was that peppermint OS was the distribution that i enjoyed most…it was the most stable and most welcoming.

    I made a huge mistake leaving peppermint and i have learnt my lesson…this is by far the best distro i’ve tried. Peppermint 10 was great and I cant wait to try peppermint 11 when it comes out.

    I am coming back and wishing my best wishes to the team.


    1. Joseph Dickson

      Glad to have you back!

  4. Hot Chilli

    If you just could replace the Whisker Menu with the Mate Menu (as it is in Ubuntu Mate Edition). This would be a huge improvement. The Whisker Menu is too flat and primitive, not a bit better than the Windows XP Start Menu.

  5. Thor Jones

    I love windows xp and the whisker menu. I vote not to change

  6. Pmint

    Possibly a Live USB Maker similar to the MX Live USB Maker for both dd and writable USBs with persistence, possibly remaster. This is asking a bit much though, hence possibly.
    Clipgrab? Conky-all by default to show how fast Pmint is.

  7. Patty

    Perhaps an obvious firejail and firetools installed by default for some of the ICE sites, and others.

  8. geeman

    My wish list for 11 is short – 1 item. Several releases back – maybe Peppermint 5 – a user had the ability to show or hide the contents of the desktop leaving only desktop wallpaper and the panel. I think it is a standard feature in lubuntu. The feature was dropped but PCNetSpec created a workaround that worked up until 9. If this feature could be reintroduced it would be great.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi geeman,
      head over to our forums. I’m sure there’s a way to do this my simply unchecking the icons in a desktop appearance dialog.

  9. Wycliffe

    Can we just jump to PeppermintOS 12 based on Ubuntu 20.04? :)

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Lets turn it up to 11 first :P

    2. geeman

      Thanks for the reply – hiding application icons can be easily done, but not the icons for files in the Desktop folder.I’m pretty sure that what I want to see isn’t available at present. Let me try to be clearer. If I place a number of files in the Desktop folder, an icon for each file will show on the desktop. I would like to be able to toggle their view on or off so that when I’m not working, my screen can show only whatever background I have chosen. As I mentioned in my original post, this could be done “out of the box” up through Peppermint 6 I think. I asked about the feature when it went away and PCNetSpec crafted a script that worked. But with the release of 9, the script no longer worked. So, if there is a way to make it work again, I would sure like to see it return.

  10. Dennis Nilsson

    It is good as it is!

  11. Marcel Williams

    Any chance I can upgrade to Peppermint 11 from 10 Respin?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      I can’t say for certain but in the past Peppermint upgrades have required a fresh install where you can then restore from a backup.

  12. Chris

    I like using PeppermintOS alot, however I tend to float between openSUSE and Ubuntu(s) and all the various different types of desktops. What puts me off XFCE in general is how difficult it is to grab window corners to resize them. I know you can use special key commands, but I’m also a Windows user of many decades and do everything with a mouse ;-) So easyer grabbing windows corners like you can do on Plasma and GNOME Shell would get my vote :-)

    As an aside, I know that PeppermintOS is based on XFCE and LXDE. Has the Peppermint Team ever considered swapping to Lxqt? I have made my own desktop based on Kwin and Lxqt and that worked very well.

    I’m realy looking forward to using PeppermintOS 11. Thanks for all your hard work in developing such a great distro.

    1. Peterr

      I agree…grabbing windows is a pain!

  13. D.K.J.

    Hello, everyone .
    I use Peppermint OS from the 5th. version and this OS attracted me so much, ease of use, memorable Desktop presentation with and very good tools. Many thanks to everyone in this project.
    And since we all live in the time of the Internet, I would like to offer something for Peppermint OS 11. program built into Peppermint OS 11 to LOCK YOUR APPS

  14. PepperOS

    mhh, its already that good!! ;-)but what i do miss is a function that could handle automatic installation of software/apps after doing a clean install, say when we go from peppermint 10 to 11.
    i have understand that upgrading a existing version from say 10 to 11 is not so easy.
    but a tool that would handle automatic installation of software/apps after a fresh install would be working so much faster.

  15. Jozef Wolak

    As a new user what I really would enjoy in Peppermint 11 during the installation process, is the choice to replace the existing Peppermint, next to windows, for the latest version. So far you only can install it next to Windows, to format the whole disk or ‘another possibikity’ which I find to complicate to implement. I came across this simple choice possibility in an other Linux OS. It certainly would be of a great help for all new users of great Peppermint OS.

  16. Daniel

    Dear Peppermint-team,

    I switched completely to Linux about 6 years ago, I think. I never looked backed – came from Windows – despite the fact that I have a lot of paid software that ran on my Windows system. As a lot of other people in the world today, I use a computer almost all the time each day during working hours. So when I am at home, I personally do not have the need to fire up a computer and have it running all the time. I do use a computer at home of course, but then I need it to be quick to start up and shut down, simple, easy and quick to use, but also nice to look at and work with. The OS should keep my laptop cool and running smooth for a long time on battery without the need to plug into the wall. Peppermint 10 checks all these boxes and I really like it a lot. I usually either power it up for a small task and then shut it down, or leave it running by itself to complete some job that I set it up to. It really works great.

    I want to thank you all on the Peppermint team for doing such a great job!!!

    Peppermint 11 really should remain small, fast and un-bloated but also, of course, keep up with time and renew itself. I do not know, what you should choose to include in Peppermint 11. It is a hard balance, since I like it as it is, but at the same time I really look forward to some kind of renewal or “rebirth”.

    I like ICE, but have had some problems with it not really working that well because eg. a pupop window steals the session so that I cannot get back to the main window (my webmail is annoying, since when I open a message it steals the session, and I cannot get back to my inbox), maybe it is possible, and I just missed a shortcut key or a setting? But it does not seem to work 100% for me when hiding the firefox controls.

    Something that I really liked, starting in Ubuntu when they used the Unity desktop, was the HUD. How many times have I been looking through menus to find a command? No problem, I just typed my command and the HUD found it for me. So great! I would really like to se a HUD in Peppermint 11.

    I have had a problem with switchable graphics in Peppermint 10, is it implemented to switch on/off switchable graphics for older PC’s in Peppermint 10 ? Otherwise I would like Peppermint 11 to handle graphics cards better, also regarding external monitors (and especially multiple external monitors).

    This was my two cents’ worth, and I wish you all – users as well as developers – a great summer and I look forward to Peppermint 11. Take care and keep up the good work!

    Best regards,
    Daniel, Denmark

    1. Slim.Fatz

      Hi Daniel,

      Go to the PeppermintOS forum and use its Search function to see if some of your question concerning ICE already has been answered (I am almost positive that it has been solved). There is a huge collection of solutions in our forum!

  17. BrianLinuxing

    My view, keep it really simple, base it on 20.04. Don’t do anything too clever, keep low memory usage, etc., a winning formula!

    1. Slim.Fatz

      Hi BrianLinuxing,
      It looks like you have been spying on the Peppermint 11 development team ;-) I think you will be pleased with the next release!

  18. DAVY


  19. Love Peppermint (the herb and the OS ;-). I started by using Peppermint 8 on an Asus Eee 1015PEM 10.1-Inch Netbook (which came with Win-7 Starter), which was my first big purchase as an Amazon Prime member in Oct. 2010. I’ve replaced the screen and battery on this device. It is wire connected to my stereo, as a dedicated music player for a huge personal library of music, which I’m listening to, even as I type this reply on my (master unit) NUC-PC running LMDE4. My daily laptop is a newer Asus VivoBook running L-Mint 20-C (got nothing proprietary anymore). When I (update) installed P-10, I selected minimal install (browser & basic utilities) and nothing more, so that I can use just the music (media) player, and the FF browser on rare occasion: And I know many others select this OS for its minimalist theme. Peppermint can surely be used like one would use any full-fledged laptop (or even a desktop) OS, but I’m guessing it is used on limited use single-boards or older devices like mine, since most of us have newer equipment and thus larger OS’s. Consequently, I’d recommend (as others have) to keep it minimalist, and w/a 32-bit version. The only problems with some Linux Distros is that they try to become more like Mac or Windows (or any popular L-Distro), and slowly but surely get too large. Many thanks go out to all who are working this Distro, and to the BosTechMo crew.

    1. Suggestion for 11: On L-Mint-C, if the Panel gets messed up, say, by a child playing with it unsupervised :-(… you can right-click the Panel, click Troubleshoot, and then click Restore All Settings To Default. In Peppermint (I’m on 10), there is no way to reset it, at least not that I can find, and I’ve G-searched for it to no avail. Right now on my Panel, everything (everything) is shifted to the left, and when trying to Ad New Items & then Separator, nothing happens. Bummer!

    2. Fair warning to ICE users; do not select “Use Site Favicon” because if there’s not one, it locks up and you must force quit; it does this on P-10 & Mint-20. And even after you have created one, it saves the shortcut in “All Applications” because it has no designation folder option, which it needs, badly. Lastly, if you make the comments section herein, editable, then one would not have to tag on over and again.

  20. LL84

    I thought I posted this previously but didn’t seem to show up, so here it again.

    Dream Peppermint OS would offer/support:

    Nemo lags for me & I don’t know if it’s hardware related or due to the version used in PM 10. I don’t remember having any problems with it in earlier versions of PM. I have reached out via the forums for a solution but it was never resolved. I think it may just be the version used in PM 10. The problem persisted even after I recently went from 8 to 32GB DDR3 in my PC. Updating nemo can break things so I’ll wait to see if future PM fixes this.

    Wacom Tablet Drivers and setting panel GUI for artists who use other distros where this is built-in

    ICE Browsers appearing more like their live counterparts (ie. Firefox ICE does not have an address bar, doesn’t display add-ons so it is not exactly 1:1 the sameas a standard Firefox install).

    Built in System Restore app that is simple to use & reliable/stable

    Ability to make a rescue cd/.iso to easily restore boot like macrium reflect allows one to make a rescue cd/.iso.

    GPU wizard to help better specify necessary/optimal graphics drivers to ensure or minimize v-sync related issues (i.e. Netbook / Laptops w/older Intel graphics seem to be most difficult / impossible to remove screen tearing). A GPU pop-up wizard for adding Vulkan flag to gpu’s w/o having to resort to difficult to understand kernel flags.

    Finally, help in regards to updating apps to latest version if possible…There are less devs supporting PPA’s and .debs. Snaps & flatpaks sometimes have appearance problems that don’t blend w/the appearance of the distro (off colors; weird edges/bezels). A warning about installing Snaps/Flatpaks would be helpful such as if they are closed source or not so user can better understand.

    I look forward to someday seeing these dream features implemented. Thank you to the great Peppermint Team.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      I realize this isn’t a support question but I do want to remind anyone who may read this that if you do need support to visit our community forum at

  21. Márcio

    When would Peppermint version 11 be released?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      We’re in development now and will release it when it’s ready.

  22. Jim Dunn

    I figure (and hope) that you are waiting until 20.04.1 is all done so you can bake it in… : )

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Ha! I suspect 20.04.1 will be out before we have it ready. This is our first release after Mark passed away earlier this year so we’re still learning our own workflow. However, I think it will be worth the wait.

  23. Brickwizard

    Will P11 be compatible with WINE, I have never got it to work in either 32 or 64 bit P10… [32 bit on old acer ZG5 netbook, 64 bit on usb3 drive ]

    1. Joseph Dickson

      That’s a great question to ask in the forums. I believe it should be possible in and presume it would work in 11.

  24. Diego

    Keep low usage of cpu and ram

  25. Philip

    I love everything about PeppermintOS 10 on my old acer laptop. Fastest and Rock Solid stability performance. I’ve tried various OS distros as an experiment, each of them has their own problems (example logout screen frozen in black, hardwares like camera got crashed), and I had to solve it out in order to get the things working. However for Peppermint, everything just works and doesnt requires any troubleshooting and it is buttery smooth. Yes, the only minor issues about it is the missing icons that I do encounter. I hope the new version 11 will have more visual improvements and polished design elements.

  26. Luciano

    What worries me most is the 10-11 step. if you decide for a new installation a backup program in the installation functions would be useful

  27. Kevin

    A couple of points following on from comments others have made:

    1. I think Linux Mint’s approach to Snaps gives the user the most choice. While anything is Linux can be adjusted, it is easier for users who want Snaps to turn it on than it is for users who don’t want it to turn it off and purge them from the system. I will be eager to see how Peppermint 11 manages this dichotomy.

    2. A Welcome Screen would be a great addition. I particularly like how MX Linux does this and centralises all tools to one convenient screen.

    3. Similarly other inspirations from MX Linux could include a persistent USB creation tool and an ISO creation tool. There are some very good version of both that could be incorporated into the distro. It would be nice to be able to configure and re-spin Peppermint, turn it into an ISO as a back up or on a USB to have Peppermint in my pocket.

    4. The Desktop Environment question is an interesting one. How do you make it a little more modern, while keeping it lightweight? Again, I’ll be interested to see what you come up with.

  28. Jashandeep

    Hi, Peppermint runs really great on my old quad core machine but there are some issues i would like to tell you. First, resolution on lockscreen changes to 800×600 from 1080p and second is gaming on peppermint is not as great as linux mint or manjaro, there’s 30 percent decrease in fps on Peppermint. Otherwise everything is great.

  29. Anubhav

    I have a very low spec computer and I got tired of Windows hanging every single minute in it. So, I tried Peppermint 10 and I have never been more impressed by anything. I seamlessly used a Pentium dual core cpu with 1 Gb memory with it. I am waiting for Peppermint 11. And a big thank you to all those involved in this os. :)

  30. Max

    I am a fan of Peppermint since PP8. Since 2008 I am using Ubuntu and derivates on my old pc(s) and I have abandoned Windows.
    Now the main problem for the Peppermint development is due to Ubuntu that is transforming in the “windows for the Linux world”: it is too bloated, and resources hungry.
    According to my experience PP 10 is fantastic on pc min year 2008 and min 2G ram. With those machines I can do my job, surf the internet, etc
    For older pc I prefer Q4OS or Antix, both are Debian based, a bit or a lot more complicated, BUT they work in an acceptable way on pc from 2003, with min 1 G ram.
    To summarize, PP10 is my preferite OS and I have installed it on a lot of pc (and also 2 Mac!) and it is by far the best syntesis between system solidity and easy of use, installation and support.
    Many thx to the developpers

  31. Luis C

    I’d like to see improved Wine support. I’ve had issues installing Wine in 64 bit installation. Thank you.

  32. Johannes

    apparently, many older Thinkpad models don’t wake anymore from sleep mode under Peppermint 10 (I too have that issue). Would be great if this could be fixed – otherwise Peppermint is THE ideal OS particularly for such those low-spec laptops!

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Definitely head over to the Community forums for support if you’re still experiencing this issue. Thanks for being a fan.

  33. exertk

    We are looking forward to the next release from Japan.

  34. Cat Face Taro

    I hope Peppermint OS 11 would continue to support 32 bit machines.
    A lot of OSes (both Windows and Linuxes) have dropped 32bit support.
    The issue is not about upgrading to a 64bit machine.
    I do have 64 bit machines running latest OSes.
    The question is what to do with the 32bit machines if they are still working?
    Should they be just throw away? It would be such a waste.
    Old 32bit machines do need an updated OS.
    Therefore I hope Peppermint OS will continue to support 32bit machines.

    1. shanti

      I agree with you. I have a 32 bit machine still running very well.

  35. Roland

    I would like to see support for Raspberry Pi 4, Lepotato, Nano Pi, and Odroid.

  36. Charles Z

    A very fine distro. Would like Peppermint 11 to add 4 keyboard shortcuts to tile the current app window to the left half of the screen, or the right, or the top half or bottom half. Linux Mint has this feature and allows he user to edit the shortcut key-combinations. I use Alt-LeftArrow, Alt-RightArrow, Alt-UpArrow, and Alt-DownArrow keys respectively. This is much faster and more reliable than dragging an app window to the screen margin. Sometimes it places the tiled app in the upper right corner instead of the right half screen. Ability to edit keyboard shortcuts would be welcomed.

  37. Johnny

    Head up display like Ubuntu Mate! :-)

  38. Jinn

    Would like to see an app that turns my foldable laptop in a magic carpet ride!
    Didn’t mean to pull the rug out from under you.

  39. shanti

    When will Peppermint OS 11 come. I am waiting for long a time.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      We’re still working on it. We don’t have a release date set.

      1. Frank Gee

        take your time and do it right…as always
        Frank G

  40. Chris

    Is the Peppermint team looking at an exclusive desktop environment (using LXqt or XFCE would be my guesses) or continuing to run with the best-of-the-best features one? I don’t mind either, just somewhat curious.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Chris,
      We’re planning to continue to use XFCE but in the classic Peppermint tradition it will also incorporate elements from other projects to add features while keeping the system lightweight.

      1. Chris

        Awesome! I have always liked how Peppermint has incorporated the best in breed concept. Looking forward to that upgrade!

  41. Linux Lux

    New features for Peppermint OS 11
    1. Uninstall packages by ‘Right Click’ option on main menu ( Like Linux Mint ) but ‘improve it’ … Right click the package(s) and select ‘mark for removal’ … Packages will remain ‘marked’ for ‘5’ minutes. If they are not removed within this time frame then they will revert to being ‘un-marked’ … After you have marked all packages you wish to remove then …From the MAIN MENU, select ‘Remove Marked Packages from System’ … The user will be asked to input the ROOT ( SUDO User ) password to complete the package(s) removal(s).
    2. At install, Can we have a ‘change the menu’ option ? Give us the choices of the ‘Default’ Whisker Menu / the Mate Menu and the Cinnamon Menu… But keep all the ‘Panel’ and Right Click Un-Install options above.

  42. sudip ghimire

    My 4 words are “Donot use snap”. Snap will give the title “heavyweight” to peppermint.

  43. Alan

    Very much looking forward to version 11. I use peppermint on a range of very old, low resource hardware, and need a lightweight but capable browser. Arora was grewat, but I see is no longer maintained. Dillo is fast, but can’t render pages well – any chance of a capable but lightweight browser in version 11?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Unfortunately, the problem isn’t so much with browsers but the websites themselves. Midori browser is an option but I haven’t tried it in awhile.

  44. Giuseppe

    When will the version 11 be available? is peppermint os good for gaming by using steam ?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Giuseppe, We’re currently working on Peppermint 11 and don’t have a release date yet. Yes Peppermint OS works well with Steam.

  45. Johnny

    Fix screen tearing for gaming! :-)

  46. Muhammad

    I just by chance came about Peppermint OS, and fell in love in a day by its speed… There is huge difference… I was using Linux Mint… But hats off to the Peppermint Team.

    I like to see Flawless connectivity with Apple Devices in next Peppermint Upgrade.

  47. Muhammad

    Automatically Install Printers. In all Linux distros, my printer was installed automatically, in Peppermint Linux somehow it was not installed.

    It detected my HP Laser but was not installed, I had to do it manually.

  48. Kevin

    Hi, will peppermint be compatible with 32-bit computers?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Kevin,
      Peppermint OS 10 supports 32-bit. We’re still working on Peppermint 11 so I can’t speak as to whether or not it will support 32-bit,

  49. Bike

    I am using ubuntu-tweak old out of support but very effective makes pulling off residual packages easy have had no problems at all so far. it would be nice if somebody were to build a version for next realease. other than that odio music streamer software does not install correct on new installs i really enjoy odio a great deal best music streaming software out there. i will miss these two programs a great deal but peppermint is in my opinion the very best open source linux operating system around thank you for your great work looking forward to next release can i get pre-release to try it out?

  50. Marcel

    When is the end-of-life for Peppermint 10 Respin?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Barring any difficulties we expect to support it until 2023 when Ubuntu sunsets 18.04.

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