Peppermint OS a “Best Lightweight” Desktop

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  1. Alexander

    I have tried. many. It sure is, as of now, an overall leader – to me. everything works, anything is doable. I use it everywhere possible (sometimes need Windows GIH Windows10).
    Just now I thought I’d try PClos for the latest Wireshark package. nope, wireless is crippled, to much for me to fix it, and I know that PClos maintainers would not hesitate to ruin my fixing with next update, been there. Returning to Peppermint – built driver in live, works perfect.

  2. jon

    es muy buena esta version

  3. Le

    Similar experience. With my old Dell Vostro 1000 (2007 manufacture date), I tried to install something that would work right out of the box, with no tweaking. I landed here with Peppermint OS, which I knew nothing about. I had tried several “lightweight” distros for this 32-bit hardware system. They all had at least one weakness, either during the installation or afterwards. Except for Peppermint. What I see so far, I really like. No shortcuts were taken, and it reflects a design with the user in mind, who might not want to spend a lot of time trying to make it work.

  4. Tommy

    Well said. Peppermint OS has been my daily driver on a surplus HP t620 since March 2020. The clean UI makes for an easy transition from Windoze.
    You mention package managers in your blog. I was delighted to find commercial DEB packages available for my WFH essentials: Zoom, Citrix Workspace, even BlueJeans!

  5. Balázs

    Using Peppermint 10 on my Acer Cloudbook 14. Can you believe that only 2 GB RAM you can do multiple things at the same time? I use this setup for working at home and I usually have LibreOffice opened, a few Terminal windows and a browser… and it’s still fast. Like, very fast. I even installed my wife’s WordPress homepage using this little cloudbook. With Peppermint I can do everything except gaming, thankfully I have desktop pc for that purpose. :)

  6. Vlada

    PeppermintOS is the best Linux distribution for me. Thank you very much.

  7. Cleavis Nowell

    Facebook was hacked. So far no Linux User groups appear to have been impacted. They should lose a lot of strictly social accounts though.

  8. stefan utan kryckera

    trying to download peppermint os 9 but google won’t find it.
    i am not a novice user nor an expert but why did most application change in the latest os?
    it now more or less look like a ubuntu install which is confusing.

    1. grafiksinc

      Sorry we do not have any earlier versions.
      In the latest one we moved to base on Debian and Devuan. And we don’t install nothing. You basically get a pre-themed desktop.
      No we did build our own tools with python and shell we do provide them in the Peppermint the hub and welcome screen
      Under the desktop we added a lot of drivers for compatibility, aside from that we leave it up to you.
      Before it was Ubuntu but we stepped away from that for many reasons, to include they dropped 32 bit support. We wanted to keep it around. A little longer.

      Hope this helps and sorry….

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