How to Install Peppermint Step by Step

STAEMPUNK TV installs peppermint OS 10 on a 12 year old laptop.
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  1. James Moore

    When will we see Peppermint 11. I ran 10 until Limuxmint 19 surpassed it. I’m still waiting on 11 because I know it will be better.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      We’re currently testing it in a private Alpha so it might be a little longer. We don’t set a fixed release date. Basically when it’s ready.

  2. erica

    My lxpanel and firefox on peppermint 10 have memory leaks, only way i can explain the fact they like to eat a gig — or more! — of memory. Idk where to look to figure out how to try to solve this problem. I don’t want to use chrome or chromium which doesn’t have this problem (I suspect google of dropping massive bloat…)

    1. Joseph Dickson

      It’s fairly common for web browsers to cache assets even for pages after you’ve left them. That’s what enables them to load quickly when you return.

      1. erica

        I don’t think that’s the cause of my memory leaks. I can however use the taskmanager to close out processes and restart lxpanel to get around this. currently trying to install a new copy of peppermint to a different partition with no success because no USB port and toram or umount don’t seem to convince the installer that it’s safe to install to hd0,gpt2 e.g.
        Posted another comment below hoping for hand install directions i.e. grub2 paramaters like
        linux (hd0,gpt)/boot/vmlinuz
        but just linux as FOO and initrd as BAR are not getting me there. Ideas or links? HDD to HDD install same HD different partitions.


        on a laptop and on a desktop (both with Intel processor) i got failure message during and after install process of Peppermint-10. That means the problem is not accidentally restricted to one computer.
        So i stay on my old notebook computer with Peppermint-8 till this problem get sorted out.
        i hope with a version 11 it get solved!

        1. Jim Beswetherick

          I heard about Peppermint watching a comparison between distros. Tried it in gnome boxes and really liked it. Excellent features. Tried installing and hit a wall with grub. Tried turning off updates and proprietary driver’s but same grub error.

          I can’t wait to use it as my daily fun machine. I will go to distrowatch and see if what looks like a previous release will install in my quad processor Intel laptop. I can’t wait!!!!!

  3. Giovanni

    I am installing Peppermint 10 OS.
    The system ask me as first access USERNAME AND PASSWORD.
    Which are them???

    1. Joseph Dickson

      The Peppermint installer shouldn’t be asking for a username and password. Rather it may want you to set one. If you continue to have trouble please visit our forum for support.

  4. erica

    I was able to hand install puppy linux (tahrpup) by grub2. I would like to do that with peppermint. basically i can mount isos but don’t have USB or second internal HDD just partitions. The ISOLINUX on any distro always refuses to install even after running umount or toram paramaters. Is there any instructions on how to hand install using grub2 commands instead of running the installer?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Eric,
      Please visit our forum for support, we might have a few people there that have tackled this previously.

      1. flashman

        i am having problems whiles installing it. always bring an error say 404 site can not be reach

      2. flashman

        i am having problems whiles installing it. always bring an error say 404 site can not be reach. please help cause this is my one and only distros for life

  5. Pritchard Mwenge

    Hi, am planning to install peppermint on my toshiba satellite.Before I proceed am asking if it’s possible to install it on a already partitioned hard drive. I mean installing without losing my data .

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Whichever partition you select to install it on will replace the data. To be safe, make backups of your entire system before trying to dual boot. There’s always a risk of something going wrong.

  6. Dave

    I just installed Peppermint on a Surface laptop. I can’t seem to scale the image. Any ideas?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Dave,
      Please visit the forums for support. It’s possible this question may have already been answered there.

  7. Antonio

    Hello. In the past I have installed Peppermint OS 32 bit on an old desktop HP 32_64 bit and everything was fine. Then I used other distros (Linux Lite and Linux Mint). After some time I downloaded the Peppermint OS 10 32 bit ISO again and …. at the end of the installation process it gave me an error. I redid the ISO and re-installed: nothing. In the end there was always a mistake. Why?
    P.S. Even with the 64-bit edition it gives an error.

  8. woojin jeon

    Hi Antonio,
    Grub error?
    Please try to install after you unplug your network.
    You can update your system later once you’re successful.

  9. serge

    bonjour ; Peppermint 10 OS. 64 fonctione mais aucune CLE USB détectée !

  10. Kevin Rodgers

    Hi there, I am rapidly becoming disenchanted with Windows for many reasons. Peppermint OS was recommended to me because I have rather old hardware. Specifically a Dell Optiplex 390, 4gb ram, 250 gb storage. Everything works well but somewhat slowly with Windows. Could Peppermint 10 work an an old system as described ? Many thanks for your time and patience.

  11. Peter Sorensen

    Kevin Rodgers, Peppermint OS would be perfect for that kind of hardware, and even for hardware with way lower specs than yours.

  12. Daniel Eron

    I currently have a 2GB RAM 64BIT laptop Running windows 7
    With a CPU base speed of 2.60GHz
    Do you think I could install This OS?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      It should work for most tasks. However, we’ve found that browsers and websites in particular create a bit of a bottleneck.


    which software is best for video editing for peppermint OS ?

  14. Jonathan

    Is Peppermit os comming out with Debian Bookwarm. Debian 11 will be old news by the time developers finish with their distros I hope there will be a variety of distros in peppermint to choose from like LXDE XFCE Cinnamon UBUNTU Debian. Any way variety is good and most OS give us a variety, I love peppermit as it is quick on old systems.

    1. DebVuan

      Shipping with xfce… Focus will start shifting to a devuan base after release, that’s gives variety doesn’t it. Debian and Devuan choices

  15. jacksson

    I prefer the Opera browser over Firefox and Iuse My browser is Net Gear. I have an older Toshipa Satellite M645 laptop and I would li9ke to get rid of the bloatware and Windows 7 on it and reinstall Peppermint 10. Are there any problems that I miight need to know about and will the softwarew and browser work with it? What I want is a clean Linux machine when I am done. Later, I will work with my Dell desktop (ugh).

  16. Irven

    I am trying to install Peppermint on my desktop, I downloaded it but cannot access it, Your instructions to install step by step is only the chat, it does not give me any instructions on how to install the operating system!

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