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Hi everyone,

Some users new and old have been experiencing ban notices when trying to log into our Community Forum. In most cases this is the result of old bans for IP address ranges. ISPs frequently reuse old addresses over time and likely the trigger was resulted from a previous user of that address. In some cases a ban may be triggered by ISP as a result of attacks from their domain or IP ranges.

Also, If you’re using a VPN try visiting the forum with your VPN disabled. Often those IP ranges were banned for previous activity.

If you are experiencing a ban notice please email and share your Who is my ISP result which will help us prune through the logs and remove old triggers.

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  1. Red White Canuck

    I can confirm that I was given the ban notice in early February. I finally did figure out to turn my VPN off and I was then allowed to log in with no issues.

  2. Scarecrow7170

    I have sent a report waiting for information. Thank you.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Scarecrow, I’ve forwarded your request on to our moderators.

  3. dkb923

    Hello, for some reason, i can’t enter into my account. I requested a password change and it says ‘invalid invitationc code’.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      My guess is the link expired. Try another reset.

  4. Grady

    Thanks for this post, I have literally be banned from the forums for months. I have sent my results to the provided email.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Thanks, I received your email and passed the information along to our forum mods to clear up.

      1. Grady

        Any update?

        1. Joseph Dickson

          We’re still testing the Alpha without a small group of trusted users.

      2. Grady

        6 months and this is still an issue… are you serious?

  5. Big Picture

    Has the recent case of “Ban notices” been an ongoing problem or is this a new feature related to the Big Tech vaporizing the first amendment and putting pressure on servers to ostracize and cancel different opinions? Highly suspicious considering the timing.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      We had forum spam problem and solved it temporarily by banning IP addresses or ranges. However, most internet service providers rotate IP addresses meaning the next user of an old IP ended up inheriting an old ban.

    2. anthony

      Good choice in words, agreed.

  6. Angelo Annunziato

    Quando sairá a versão 11 do Peppermintos?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      We’re currently Alpha testing it.

      1. Linux Lover

        can you ensure it works with kernels beyond 4.18 with my R9 570 and GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard. For some reason Peppermint 10 doesn’t work with my rig beyond kernel 4.18. I already asked your forum but no one could properly help me. Thanks.

  7. Jake Buned

    Any update ? and what to expect in Peppermint 11

    1. Joseph Dickson

      We’re currently Alpha testing Peppermint 11 but don’t have a release date yet. It will be ready when it’s ready.

      1. Linux Lover

        I’m good with the delay…hope there is noticeable improvement (esp. to ICE and Nemo file manager) and that it remains lightweight. Thanks for all you guys do

  8. Chaul Jhin Kim

    Ah… Thank you! I was so scared and confused when I found out that I was “banned” (darn static IPs!). I was afraid that somebody had hacked into my computer and done something malicious! Once I contacted the lovely administrators at Peppermint OS, the ban was lifted and now I am free to post in the forums again. Thank you Peppermint OS team! I am looking forward to testing Peppermint 11 in the near future! You guys rock!


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  9. Dilip M

    Hi Joeseph,
    I am also banned. I just dusted my 12 year old laptop and installed Peppermint OS and I love how smooth it is. I wanted to share with the forum and was surprised seeing the ban. Neverheless, I have sent the email as per your request and also my ISP information.
    Thanks for such a great OS.

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