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Peppermint Release Notes

As always, a thank you to our Trusted Users, Developers and the Peppermint community around the world who volunteer time to work on Peppermint OS. Without you none of this would be possible!

Team Peppermint is happy to announce our latest iteration.

What has changed

  • The 64 bit Debian(Based) ISO has been updated.
  • The 32 bit Debian(Based) ISO has been updated.
  • A 64 bit Devaun(Based) ISO has been released.
  • A 32 bit Devaun(Based) ISO has been released.

BootStrap has been incorporated with tkinter to give a better design style for vanilla tkinter GUI’s

A Peppermint Update Manager has been added to the PepHub this will let you schedule updates for your system

The new CLI Update tool this is a shell tool written by members of the Peppermint Community, that can help you manually check for updates at any time

There have been some updates to the Calamares installer.

There is a Packages section that was added too allow for software to be installed during installation

Additional Changes

  • xDaily is a shell tool used to provide system maintenance on your Peppermint System,
  • There has been a lot of work done on the LUKS encryption problems thanks to the community to help solve these issues.
  • Wallpaper has been updated.

If you have any questions please do let us know.

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  1. Vincent McNicoll

    Thank you! You guys are making a lot of sense now with browser choice and NumLock on!! Finally some evolution in the linux woeld. Kudos to you! I will give it a spin. Might ditch Linux Mint. Thanks again!

    1. Sergi

      Oh guys, what a so great new!!!! Sincerely i had sadly thougth that you had abandoned this project. Peppermint is (was) my favorite OS for computers with less hardware capabilities: poweful and cool. Thanks for be live again!

      Note: i hope ICE is still there :-)

  2. Bernhard

    It’s great to see that there is a new Peppermint version. But there seems to be a pretty huge problem, I noticed that the versions of Firefox ESR and Chromium that you can download via the welcome app are *very* outdated and might be unsafe. Debian had a bit of a headache about that that last year. AFAIK they found a fix, but your versions seem to be the old ones still.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      If you prefer not to use Firefox ESR Debian has a tutorial that should work with Peppermint.
      That said, the latest ESR should be available as soon as the Debian project moves it from testing to stable.

      1. Doutor pp

        Preciso ajuda,amo e só uso peppermint desde o 7,10,agora 11 amei..perfeito só não sei como adicionar nele formar ator de pendrive,e,criador imagem uso.como o 10 faz

  3. James

    I cant wait to try out thank you to all who has helped, I had no idea there was a upcoming release this is awesome

  4. florentino ariza

    Requires a user name and password to be downloaded.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      The download should begin automatically with no need to log in.

      1. Doutor pp

        Me ajude colocar formatados pendrive e crer imagem uso no 11

  5. maya

    Congratulation for the new release. But if it based fully on xfce and removed Nemo then why do I use it instead of MX Linux?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Nemo is still the default file manager. Use what you like, but we’d prefer you use Peppermint. :)

      1. Ahmed

        I like this peppermint version , very stable,
        i have tried many distros but this peppermint along with few Linux distros ( endeavour, MX,
        Ubuntu budgie ) work very stable.
        I would like to thank you for the great work

      2. Doutor pp

        Escreveu errado celular..quero acrescentar nesse peppermint 11 o que tem no 10.formatados de pendrive e criar imagem iso

    2. juancho

      Because nemo is there and MX Linux is full of bloatware… Peppermint is more clean and beautiful…is my point of view….

      1. Procryton

        I agree. I just switched from MX because I wanted something lighter and faster. Peppermint is everything a lightweight linux distro should be.

  6. Frank

    Have been looking forward to this – I believe you have something special in this project. Will be downloading and giving it a go today – many thanks to all involved!

  7. Chris Michaud

    Really glad that Peppermint OS is off and running again. Great distro.

  8. Charon

    Thank you for the hard work.
    I love the new peppermint os with debian and not ubuntu substructure. It is the right way.

  9. Mr Cootie

    Very bad experience so far. Doesn’t come with a browser, can’t use the terminal to install one due to some kind of error that you don’t have a prompt: maybe because of something in a config file. You go to select a browser in the Peppermint Hub and it doesn’t seem to do anything. Tried this on 2 laptops. Can’t get any response on the Peppermint forum. Worst Linux distro experience I have ever had.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Have you tried installing the browser from the “Welcome to Peppermint” application.

      1. Mr Cootie

        Yes I did try that after I finally found the hub, nothing seemed to happen, even rebooted. I finally found your Matrix channel, and they informed me that I should have had a welcome screen, which never showed up. I downloaded the iso a second time as someone recommended, and even after the install seemed to go ok, it now only has a tty at boot. I am at a loss of what can be done.

        1. Aera23

          Click Ctrl + Alt + F7 to view GUI

    2. SVicente

      So sorry for my last comment. I did not perrceive as Mr. Dickson has been wrote that to install browser softwares you need to go “Welcome to Peppermint” window and its “Apps and Web Browser” submenu. There you may find a list of navigators to choose, including Chromium, Firefox, Konqueror and others.
      I’ve installed and continue to use this light distro.

  10. Andrian

    I prefer NumLock to be disabled by default :(
    Could you make it into optional choice in “Welcome to Peppermint” so we can choose to enable / disable by default?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      After installation once you disable Num Lock it becomes persistent and remains disabled.

      1. Pip

        This is the only default that makes sense. Don’t know why not more DEs or distros do this.

  11. Arka

    Does the developers’ community intend to include KDE in future releases? Many prefer KDE over XFCE and GNOME, so I was curious about their plans.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      At this time we’re focusing on the single XFCE edition.

  12. Salem Saberhagen

    “LXDE components have been removed in favor of XFCE 4.16.2” biggest mistake ever, now it is sluggish on not so fast CPUs, there is no advantage over other Xfce Distros

    1. Joseph Dickson

      I love LXDE but we decided to move to XFCE after the project migrated to LXQt. It is possible to install LXDE if you wish to do so.

      1. Trisq-mini-LXDE

        Yes Salem; XFCE is now a slow heavyweight DE. Recently ditched EndeavourOS because of this and other issues. Will give Peppermint a spin though as the faithful must like it so for some reason. Curious…

        1. grafiksinc

          XFCE although not as light as it used to be its still a decent desktop environment…and fairly easy to customize.

  13. AP0323

    How add keyboard and swith between layouts, in older peppermint version that worked, now spend 3 hours without successs…

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Please visit the forums for support.

  14. mori

    tnx to peppermint about switching from ubuntu to debian…
    further tnx for options such as: use of debian testing repos

  15. Charles

    I am a first time Linux user. It’s great! Thank you.

  16. Wayne

    Hi! Thanks you for all your work on the newest Peppermint OS. I have had a nice experience working with the OS as a virtual drive. But, trying to use calamares installer on a partition open on my Acer ssd drive was not. I have “GPT”, tried “ext4”, used “/” as the mount point and checked “boot” as the flag. I get an installer error of needing Fat32, /bootefi, and boot needed. Doesn’t install correctly. Any suggestions or more info needed?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Wayne, Please visit the forums for support.

  17. Nolberto Jiménez

    Buen día… Mi consulta es que System Init viene implementado?… Gracias.

  18. Martins

    You should make it clear what is the version number of this last release. In Distrowatch it appears identified as 2022-02-02 while the previous versions are numbered from 1 to 10.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Martins,
      We frequently update the installer and make fixes and adjustments. Our project is no longer static to a single version number. That’s why we no longer use them.

  19. Sandeep

    Why did peppermint move away from Ubuntu to Debian. Is it because of Canonical ? Looking forward to using this OS

    1. Joseph Dickson

      The team decided Debian’s release cycle and flexibility better suited our projects needs. It had nothing to do with Canonical or Ubuntu itself.

  20. Highlander

    How can I install a web browser when I need a browser to connect to the internet via a mobile broadband dongle?

    At the very least, Webs/Epiphany browser, could have been installed.

    For the sake of a few MiB, I cannot use Peppermint, other than as a static system.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      The point is to select your preferred browser after installation rather than be saddled with one of several you would just as likely remove.

      1. grafiksinc

        For our Peppermint Tools yes …. For the underlying Debian OS no… to get a better idea the direction we are going have read here
        if you have any questions please do let us know.

    2. Aera23

      You can copy the browser as a .deb file or .tar.gz file in an internet working PC, then transfer via USB

  21. Domingo

    is ice still available in the new version?

    1. Joseph Dickson


  22. Jonathan

    I tried Peppermint OS 11 on my 11-years-old HP G61 notebook and I felt amazingly surprised because of its great stability and smoothness as well as Debian 11 which is based on. In addiction, I found XFCE DE a smart choice and hope this project will be successfully continued in the near future! Congrats!

  23. SimplyTech

    Thanks so much for a great Linux distro!

    I had tried Peppermint 10 on a 2006 Toshiba Portege R400 Tablet PC ( a while ago and Peppermint brought it back to life. I can still use this laptop today for simple web-browsing and even playing youtube videos. I had also installed Peppermint 10 on a DELL Precision M6500 and my child was able to use it for online school (Google Meet) for a whole year. Also, I have Peppermint 10 running as a vm in VMWare on macOS. I will upgrade to this latest Peppermint 11 and give it a try.

    Please keep up the excellent work!

  24. Fee

    Very cool distro so far. Does anyone know how to change the menu from win7-like to winxp-like? I like the simple & sublevel menu. Thanks.

  25. Mile

    Thank you very much, an incredible work indeed.
    Just keep it up.

  26. frenzy67

    Im new to peppermint, this release is my first time using peppermint and im loving it.
    thanks to all involved in bringing us peppermint

    1. grafiksinc

      Thank you! We have had lots of fun making it. Do visit us on at the Pep Community your ideas and feed back is most welcome!

  27. Donald

    Is there a tablet mode to Peppermint?

    1. grafiksinc

      Peppermint is genrally used for Desktops and Laptops

  28. Tom Huber

    PeppermintOS 11 is an update I will regrettably skip. Since the pandemic’s start, version 10 has been the right distro at the right time. It has everything I need for WFH, after installing Zoom and Citrix. The same can’t be said of version 11 which boots up without a browser, media player, office SSB’s, even a simple calculator.

    1. grafiksinc

      Yes, while it is true we do leave things up to the owner of the system to decide what is best for them, we do include many of the underlying, firmware and drivers to work on most hardware, anything beyond that is respecting and valuing choice of the system owner overall, with that said great things can happen if we all work together, do visit our community forum out on SourceForge if you get a chance, provide feed back and get involved

  29. michael

    What a wonderfull news! Many thanks Carolina from France! Peppermint forever: good idea to based the 11th on debian, xfce but still use the great nemo (“F3” double screen fonction, so usefull) ! The best mix of Linux world for me!

    1. grafiksinc

      Thanks! we really appreciate your kind words..

  30. Bogusław

    Super wydanie wszystko jest ok .
    Mam zainstalowany na Lenovo W510 .

    1. grafiksinc

      Thank you for the kind words….glad Peppermint is working out!

  31. earth

    i am running bodhi linux will the peppermint os give smooth performance on old laptops 2gb ram and 32gb storage also is bluetooth auto connect on startup is available out of box or will have to configure due to linux issue with bluetooth

    1. grafiksinc

      Could be smooth…..but might be worth checking out the community forums

  32. Guido

    Hello. Will there be a 32-bit version of Peppermint OS 11 (2022-02-02) or Peppermint OS 12 in the future? Thank you.

    1. grafiksinc

      Yes actually, we are hoping to get 32bit out sometime this month. If you follow this thread you can get an idea what the new installer changes will look like:

  33. Fred Wenzel

    Hi there, my name is Fred.
    I was wondering why the choice for a DE on the new Peppermint OS has not been in favor for MATE.
    Thanks and regards

    1. grafiksinc

      Aside from over the years since Peppermint(7) we have been using XFCE at least partially, I would say the core developers including myself find that XFCE in general is a versatile solid desktop environment. Nearly everything is configurable allowing choice to how your environment is setup. It does not take anything away from Mate, at all, but there are so many different ways that any given user can envision a desktop. XFCE allows that imagination to come to fruition if you have that desire to custom configure XFCE. To sum it up I would say it gives maximum choice from our point of view.

  34. David hall

    I’m new to this and need help to set up WiFi. Can’t seem to do it. I need a user manual pls.

    1. grafiksinc

      There have been some questions about that out on the forums…you can have a look there or ask a question the community will help you follow this link

  35. Bluey05

    Looking for a lightweight linux distro, to run on my old Mac mini I gave Peppermint a try,…..wish I had found it sooner. After having tried many others, I found this distro is excellent, truly lightweight and fast!

    1. grafiksinc

      We are very happy to hear this worked out for you!

  36. I am Chinese My English is not well

    I would like to ask a question, I have not used this system before, because LMDE is easy to crash on my computer, so I plan to change to a lightweight system, I tried Q4OS before, but it is very poor compatibility with virtual box, please ask it for virtual box or rps3 this kind of software compatibility is good
    (My English not well I use the Microsoft translator)

    1. grafiksinc

      Yes we are based on Debian as well.. I do run peppermint in Virtual box as well as VirtMan Qemu seems to run ok as far as I can tell…If you want you can always ping the forum….to see what the community thinks

  37. Bob

    Peppermint does not show what version it is when neofetch is run and the download does not identify the version. That is a problem when discussing issues or features. How is a user to know when version they are running ?

  38. Al

    I’m liking Peppermint OS. But I’m having a hard time figuring out the contents of the “packages” on the installation page. Would you post a list of programs that are in the packages? (Pretty please?)
    I like to know what I’m installing on my computer before I install it.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. grafiksinc

      That information is posted in the build script located @coderber here
      Once you go there looka t line 50 – 130 is all packages that get installed

      Hope this helps

  39. Gregory

    Does Peppermint have systemd ?
    I would like install Peppermint on production machine. I want avoid problems with compatibility with special software.

    1. grafiksinc

      You can use this link here

  40. LoloyD

    Can you point me to the forum area where the Linunx kernel being used in the latest installation package for PeppermintOS is discussed? One of the barriers for my wider adoption of PeppermintOS over all of my machines is on the kernel version being implemented. At 5.10.0-18-amd64, it is quite a few versions behind as to the latest stable being provided with others such as LM which is my main fallback in case some devices don’t work well with my PeppermintOS-powered devices. Just a thought though. Thanks for letting me comment here.

    1. grafiksinc

      LoloyD – Generally we have not went that route with the kernel… for the most part we follow what Debian and Devuan do as far as the kernal progress goes. Its upstream for us.
      With that said you should be able to use this Wiki with Peppermint (Debian) if you want to upgrade your kernel

  41. Ahmed

    great work very stable thanks for all the job

    1. grafiksinc

      Thank you so much we appreciate your kind words!

  42. Tony

    Thanks for the great job. THANK YOU ALL.
    Just 1 question what kind of data do you collect? Would you have related documents

    1. grafiksinc

      @Tony we do not collect any data at all.

  43. ezequiel

    I have a Samsung netbook with Intel atom, after trying several distributions, of which they are still support 32 bits,
    I must say peppermint is the best. I was surprised.
    Thanks for reviving my netbook

    1. grafiksinc

      Really happy to hear Peppermint was able to help! Thanks for Sharing!!

  44. Phong

    I tried install on vm to test with devuan version but it always display error connect to server mirror…
    Yeah i tried it to 3 times with same errors and idk how to install it. Maybe i must disconnect connection then install it or this issue is feature of devuan version? Hmm, then idl xfce4 with xfwm4 because my devices have very very weak with celeron n2840 and 4096Mb ramdom accesss memory. I hope devs see this comment/reply and add lxde/lxqt or enlightenment e17/moksha desktop or trinity desktop. I tested them, them consume very few resource of devices. Yeah i know it open source and i can build and make it but i am regular user and i too lazy so please let’s build and add them for updates in future

    1. grafiksinc

      Phong, I cant replicate this issue personally hmmm… this issue could be a good question for the forum. If you can give it a post there.

      For the other desktop environments, those are really good ideas. And we want to create value with things like that. problem sometimes is time and manpower.
      Would you consider contributing to Peppermint by submitting configs for those. And possibly being a maintainer for them, the rest of the team can take the configs and work them into the iso pipeline
      If you are interested please PM this user out on Sourceforge ( you may need an account )

      Thanks for being apart of the community!

  45. Tellfile

    Not to crazy about Peppermint. It don’t seem to have the ability to install printers. I’ve tried two different kinds which are Hp Laserjet 1020 (historically friendly to Linux) and Epson Eco Tank. I’ve tried everything suggested on the web with no luck.

    On my Linux Mint, all I had to do is plug both in for Mint to see and start auto configuring for instant use.

    Another thing is no keyboard shortcuts listed for sound muting, and volume. Who knows what the command line might be for that if adding manually.

    Another thing is no way to put in a custom wallpaper.

    I’d probably like it if the platform were as user friendly as Linux Mint. What average user wants to spend days trying to riddle out how to do something that would be nothing to a computer nerd.

    1. grafiksinc

      Don’t be upset. The community can help you. Many of the issues you talk about not everyone has. Every scenario is different.
      I have printers I have wallpaper and key board shortcuts, things work fine for me.
      Please remember to always be kind as we all have life to live, and kindness can really go a long way in helping each other.
      Please do have a great day and if you need any help don’t hesitate to participate in our community kindly :-)
      That will being the greatest result you seek

  46. tellfile

    HI grafiksinc

    I’m not really upset, it’s just a spare 32 bit machine that I may need for a back up some day and they said Peppermint still does 32 bit with long term support. I just wanted to alert the developers of things they might want to revisit compared to Linux Mint.

    You said you had printers, what models?
    You said you had keyboard short cuts , were they for mute, volume up, and volume down?
    You said you had wallpaper, was it custom wallpaper like downloading one from the web to install?
    I saw one video where the guy said go into the file manager and open the .config folder then delete a file named “pcmanfm.con”
    He said after doing that he was then allowed to have custom wallpaper, anything he wanted. Well that file was no where to be found in the .config folder on my machine , but then that video was made 11 years ago.

    No big deal I can have everything I want on my Linux Mint 64 bit machine. Maybe they’ll work some of those freak Peppermint flaws out as time goes by.

    1. grafiksinc

      No worries… feed back is always a good thing.
      My printers are a Canon T53540 and a Canon TS6000 series – did not have any issues plug and play was all good
      I have a NPET gaming keyboard that has those extra features.
      I use them all the time for multimedia needs, if I need to…. I use the Keyboard application in xfce to add my mappings as needed.
      Sure was… You can add all your wallpaper to the “Pictures” folder in your “Home” if you want. Then right click your desktop click desktop settings
      On the screen you see the “Folder” section that says “backgrounds” change that to home/picture or whatever is best for you. Then you will see all your custom images.

      Comparing Linux Mint to Peppermint or comparing any distro to another is a bit unfair because each distro is different and has different goals..
      Our goals are here:
      Which is vastly different from Linuxmint

      All in all thanks for the conversation and feed back
      I hope that helps if you need anything just let us know.
      Have a great day :-)

  47. MeName

    Why is Peppermint 10 no longer available for download? Its support only ends by April. Why are the older versions made unavailable anyway? What is the reason behind it? It does not make any sense.

    1. grafiksinc

      @MeName – because we released a new direction of PeppermintOS which has nothing to do with Ubuntu in Feb 2022 that’s why we don’t have it available for download on the website, as Pep 10 is based on Ubuntu, then support comes from Ubuntu, not the Peppermint Team, now that’s not to say you cant still download the ISO, I am sure it probably on github or

      I cant speak for others but I have no idea why others keep old version available. I know we do not since Feb 2022

      Hope this helps

      1. Proesnie

        What will happen when i do a dist-upgrade in Peppermint 10?

        1. grafiksinc

          hmmm… its hard to say it may no do anything….since support is EOl but that command nromally will do:
          dist-upgrade in addition to performing the function of upgrade,
          also intelligently handles changing dependencies with new versions
          of packages; apt-get has a “smart” conflict resolution system, and
          it will attempt to upgrade the most important packages at the
          expense of less important ones if necessary. So, dist-upgrade
          command may remove some packages. The /etc/apt/sources.list file
          contains a list of locations from which to retrieve desired package
          files. See also apt_preferences(5) for a mechanism for overriding
          the general settings for individual packages.

  48. Bob Schmitz

    I’ve been using Peppermint OS on and off since version 1, I was even a beta tester for a release (version 2 or 3, I forget which). I’ve always loved how light weight and responsive the distro is, even on old hardware (my primary use case).

    I think the latest version is definitely taking a new direction in terms of letting the end user choose to pick and choose their own packages and init. This customize to your liking approach might turn off newer users to Linux but it’s fine with me.

    Thanks Peppermint team!

    1. grafiksinc

      @Bob Schmitz – WOW! one of the old guard in the flesh!!..that is super cool. And thank you for your kind words.

  49. Erik

    This OS have suport language in portuguese? I can create a pendrive installer with RUFUS??

  50. Lwy

    Oooh…. Stand-up Peppermint & keep to developing…!!
    so good peppermint.

    1. grafiksinc

      Thanks! we are …working the Debian and Devuan upgrades coming this year
      Thank you so much!

  51. Daniel A

    Peppermint OS offers a fantastic balance of lightweight design, stability, speed, and usability. Its ability to breathe new life into older hardware, such as the Chromebook Acer c720, makes it an excellent choice for maximizing the lifespan of your devices.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. grafiksinc

      Thank you so much!for your kind words

  52. christian

    Muchas gracias por su gran trabajo,felicitaciones

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