New Forum Location

Our Community Forum has moved to its new location at SourceForge.

Like many projects, Peppermint has dealt with a persistent increase in spam over the last few years. We hope by moving to SourceForge our volunteers can spend more time with our community and less time fighting bots.

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  1. Charon

    Thank you for the work.

  2. Jim Mitchell

    Just installed Peppermint OS 11 today… …Neophyte Linux user… have a hardware/software issue… can’t figure out how to post a question in the Forum… can’t find tutorial for SourceForge … would appreciate any help. Thanx!

    1. grafiksinc

      After you login at Pep Community under the forums section clock a topic and then you can clic “Create Topic

    2. Juan Tallista

      if you are enquiring after the previous forum, it is now set to be “read only” so no new posts may be made there.

  3. Jim M

    Sorry for being obtuse, but I cannot find how to post an inquiry or response (yes… I’ve created a profile)

  4. Rishik

    new peppermint os doesnot detect wifi connections.

    1. grafiksinc

      May want to check the community forums here

  5. Robert Lee Myers I Esq.

    I have installed or I should say that I’m trying to install it but halfway through it I get Error

    1. grafiksinc

      You may wont to checkout the forums, there has been good support over there.
      click here

  6. Vincent

    Nice and informative forum. Thanks for sharing and keep it up. Markcon

    1. grafiksinc

      Thanks very much! We have a great community, can’t say thanks to them enough

  7. Michael Hoffman

    The old forum posts show up in google searches and i found what looks like an answer to a question i have about plank and peppermint os. Is there a way to access the old forum? i keep getting redirected to the new forum which doesn’t have the posts that the old forum has. thank you!

    1. grafiksinc

      Its has actually been taken offline.. But I will ask the Server admin and see about emailing you but that may take some time.
      In mean while do you think it would be worth posting a question on the current forum.

  8. Marshall Brown

    how can I change alt f4 to alt x?

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