VPS Support from FOSSHOST

A quick note to say thank you!…..to fosshost.org who has approved our application to host us for Virtual Private Server (VPS) services. This will help PeppermintOS tremendously as we prepare to release 32 bit Debian as well as 64 and 32 bit Devuan as we move forward,…. again thank you to the fosshost organization for helping us.

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  1. lc

    I am loving peppermint, but, I can’t get numlock to work from the login screen, it works fine once I am in, but not before. I have reinstalled a couple of times, as someone suggested. I have run sudo commands, nothing. Why is it so difficult for programmers to just have it on from the git go? I ran into the same issue with linux mint, but was able to get it working, but not with peppermint os.

    1. grafiksinc

      Either way folks will speak of it…. on or off….
      There has been some talk out on the community forums here

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