9to5Linux Tours the Peppermint Desktop

YouTube Channel 9to5Linux tours the desktop experience

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  1. 9to5Linux

    That’s NOT 9to5Linux.com’s YouTube channel. It’s someone who stole our name to create a channel and make money by copying the text of our articles in his “videos” of very poor quality (either directly in the video or in the description of the video). Most recently he paste the text of our articles in video to avoid a DMCA takedown.

    9to5Linux’s official YouTube channel is available at https://www.youtube.com/9to5linuxofficial

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Thanks for the heads up… swap it out.

      1. Joseph Dickson

        I’ve replaced their review with your actual February 3rd review. Thanks!

  2. 9to5Linux

    Thank you! You can also add the new video of the Devuan edition if you like.

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