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Please remember as you use PeppermintOS we do maintain online docs to help you, as tools or features are added.

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  1. Elwood

    I just downloaded Peppermint and installed it and I really like it, but I’m having problems with the time and date program. I can set the date with no problems and it stays. The clock on the other hand will not stay on the proper time no matter what you do. So I removed it,thinking it might work if I reinstalled it but part of it is still there and still won’t work. I tried to look for it in the software app, but can’t find it. I looked for time and date settings but can’t find it. So just what program did you use and just what do I need to do to get it running properly

    1. grafiksinc

      Hi Elwood – It is a XFCE feature if you right-click your panel then click “Add New Items” then search for “Clock” – You will see it to add..
      hope that helps

  2. Elwood

    Thank you, I got the clock back, but it will only use military time. I like the 12/24 hour set up better but it won’t stay on that setting. I do have another problem now. My family wants me to set up my system so we can video chat, plus I like to record live music and make the odd video with sound. But I can’t seem to set it up for that. When I go to the sound icon and click on audio mixer it shows me the input, output, record etc,. When I look under the heading recording it says (No application is currently recording audio). Kind of explains why I don’t get any audio in my videos or when I try other programs that use a mic.I can play videos online or even ones I’ve downloaded wit no problems but I can’t make any of my own or record live music or video chat etc.,.

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