Peppermint OS Releases for 08-02-2022

The Peppermint OS Team is proud to announce the release of our Devuan 32 & 64 bit ISOs.

Additional updates

  • The Calamares installer will no longer use ‘InstallRecommends “1”; ‘ as the default behavior for apt.
  • The Devuan Plymouth boot splash is generic we were able to add our script to have it integrate with the Devuan init process.
  • Installed pulseaudio-module-bluetooth for better bluetooth recognition of sound devices, minor code revisions in back-end areas and other minor bugfixes.

New tools added to Peppermint Hub, for example xDaily a maintenance tool that can be used to keep your system clean and updated, Also you will see the new KUMO SSB manager as you update your Pep tools.

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  1. JN

    I am afraid to say that, ‘The Calamares installer will no longer the default behavior for apt’ is bad English and, indeed, unintelligible!

    1. grafiksinc

      Thanks! really appreciate the catch we will get that fixed.

      1. Joseph Dickson


  2. Okabe_Rintarou

    The Calamares installer will no longer use ‘InstallRecommends “1”; ‘ as the default behavior for apt. -> what does this mean for the end user?

    1. grafiksinc

      “Having Install-Recommends on by default uses up additional , unexpected hard drive space.
      We are going for “No unnecessary bloat” and this falls into line with Keeping it lean “The things you needs and nothing you don’t.”
      An added benefit of this is since apt isn’t treating “Recommends” as true dependencies less time is spent during the installation phase.

      1. thierrybo

        I use ‘InstallRecommends “0”; ‘ on my Devuan system for several years now.

        But it has a drawback. As ‘1’ is the default for APT since 2007, many packagers do not really test their software with “0” and I found out several packages that are broken without some of their recommended packages that should really be hard dependency with their current state software.

  3. Charon

    What is hblock in peptools? It is new.

  4. norm

    peppermintos 11 -debian base what is default live usb user password?

    1. grafiksinc

      There is no password it is blank

  5. norm

    peppermint os11 debian base:

    What is live usb default password?

    1. grafiksinc

      There is no password its blank

  6. norm

    test installed pep-mint 11 debian and devuan bases on 128 GB external SSD, I have the following problems on both bases:

    -Firefox esr frequently freezes;
    – power option-suspend option can suspend the computer, but it cannot wake-up , so, no other choice , reboot ea. time.
    partition setup created: 8GB ‘suspend-able swap’ + remaining 120 GB /root ext4 with bootable flag. Grub works fine.

    laptop is a bit old HP laptop G60, intel dual core + 4gb ram (originally win7).

    I noted debian 11.3 xfce caused suspend -no wake -up problem on the same laptop.
    Not sure if laptop is too old to handle suspend/wake-up + freezing Firefox ESR?

  7. LoloyD

    Thank you for this release. I hope to try it out very soon on my desktop/laptop machines.

  8. Regy

    how do I get my bluetooth mouse to connect? As far as I can tell, there is no Bluetooth software/drivers installed with peppermint OS.

  9. Bob

    On Sept 5, when I click “Release Notes” in the ‘Welcome to Peppermint’,
    I now get “page not found error 404”

    It was ok before…

      1. Bob

        It’s ok today. I suspected something was being changed/updated but wasn’t sure.

        And nice redesign of the Welcome Screen!

  10. Dennis Gonzalez

    Well Im not sure if this is t5he place for not being able to get sound out of the computer .
    2 days ago I installed PeppermintOS not devuan base 64 bit and so far everything works as expected except for sound .I have done some research and followed commands that were available and no sound. I want to keep this OS on my computer but if I can not listen to music/play videos/games what is the use.
    Please can someone help me with this issue.

  11. Mark S. Pynduss

    I have upgraded from Peppermint 9 to 11. I am an older person using an older Dell laptop. The OS runs very well on my laptop however there are 2 annoyances that I wish to bring up. 1. When I first boot up I have to wait at least 45 seconds after the desk top appears before I can engage a program that requires web access. If I jump to fast I get an error that says I can’t the web site. This as not a problem with 9. 2. The method of shutting down is weird for me. Having been a user since the 1990s I have always shut down from the menu. If that feature could be added it would great. Thanks

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