Peppermint OS (Debian)Releases for 11-07-2022

The Peppermint OS Team is proud to announce the release of our Debian 32 & 64 bit ISOs.

Additional updates

  • The Welcome screen and Peppermint Hub have been redesigned
  • Peppermint Scope(Build log) has been added to allow visibility into the updates made to Peppermint
  • ICE has been removed
  • TKK Creator has been added to allow for tkinter theming
  • Suggested Packages has a new bootstrap theme
  • UEFI Boot problems have been corrected
  • Plymouth boot screen has been updated
  • A new theme has been applied to grub using the options from Adison Cavani
  • nala has been added
  • hBlock has been upgraded
  • Adjustments were made to xDaily to be more informative (Community requested)
  • Kumo Icon Updated

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  1. Jonathan

    How can I upgrade from current version, please?

    1. grafiksinc

      You can run xDaily that will bring you up to where the release is.

      1. LinuxLover

        I have an earlier version of Peppermint 11 which does not have xdaily…Any other alternatives to update, or a way to install xDaily to do so? I didn’t see it in synaptic package manager.

        1. grafiksinc

          I am pretty sure its there…before we go that far…..try this
          Open the pephub look for and click Update Manager, then if you see it click the “Update Pep Tools”
          When that is done close the pephub and reopen it you should see xDaily

          If you cant find it look in – /opt/pypep/
          you should see xDaily shell script there

          If all else fails you can download it here

          hope that helps.

        2. Dave B.

          Older versions aren’t Debian based, they are Ubuntu based. Might be best to reinstall because you might have Ubuntu versions of config files and such. I switched away from peppermint due to the long (completely understandable) development gap. I am using Ubuntu currently, and I don’t like the direction they are going as they assume I want to buy a new computer every so often. I am a fan of this distro, and am currently considering changing back now that it is using the Debian repositories. If I do I’ll do a full reinstall to clean things up. That said, it might work to upgrade from the older versions.

  2. Tom A.

    Thanks to all of you for the latest upgrade. Kudos!

    1. grafiksinc

      Tom thanks! so much….on the next few todo’s on our list…. :-)

  3. Jonathan

    Kumo doesn’t work properly especially for watching Netflix or YouTube on it: what’s wrong with it?

    1. grafiksinc

      Might be worth posting something out on the forums…..I have not had any issues with YouTube … I have never used Netflix cant say much about that
      But on the YouTube, rather than do a SSB for it you may want to give this look really…. really…. good application for YouTube viewing

  4. Alexander

    How to make applications work through Snap?

    1. grafiksinc

      Install Snap Package Platform and the Gnome software store from the Peppermint Hub.

  5. LoloyD

    Wow, I have only seen this now. Congrats and thanks! If you may indulge me on a few questions please.

    1. What Linux kernel version is included now in the installation ISO?

    2. Why is the page (or its download elements) not dated?

    Thank you.

    1. grafiksinc

      LoloyD – 5.10.0-19

      And no particular reason…. its a good idea I can add a date starting from today since I just updated the torrents…

      1. LoloyD

        Is there a particular reason why PeppermintOS devs are choosing to package the latest ISOs with an older kernel? I keep having unmet dependencies when trying to install modern apps due to this older kernel and my hesitance on breaking things makes me avoid upgrading the Linux kernel outside of PeppermintOS’s official ways and means.

        1. grafiksinc

          With both Debian and Devuan we do want to flow with them on the kernel, from upstream.
          With that said we have been testing upgrading to Bookworm. for all intense purposes it does upgrade successfully to 6.0 kernel.
          It just breaks our python tools dependencies, which is an easy fix.

  6. SteveDoc22

    I burned both a USB and a DVD using the 32bit Debian ISO. The DVD would not boot on three different laptops and the USB stick never got past language selection. Very dissapointing.

    1. grafiksinc

      Yeah some times thing happens, if you have time come visit the forums we may be able to help.

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