Peppermint OS (Devuan)Releases for 11-06-2022

The Peppermint OS Team is proud to announce the release of our Devuan 32 & 64 bit ISOs.

Additional updates

  • The Welcome screen and Peppermint Hub have been redesigned
  • Peppermint Scope(Build log) has been added to allow visibility into the updates made to Peppermint
  • ICE has been removed
  • TKK Creator has been added to allow for tkinter theming
  • Suggested Packages has a new bootstrap theme
  • UEFI Boot problems have been corrected
  • Plymouth boot screen has been updated
  • A new theme has been applied to grub using the options from Adison Cavani
  • nala has been added
  • hBlock has been upgraded
  • Adjustments were made to xDaily to be more informative (Community requested)
  • Kumo Icon Updated

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  1. thierrybo

    How to upgrade from current version?

    1. grafiksinc

      You can run xDaily that will bring you up to where the release is.

  2. Khaos Hellatron

    May I know why Nemo and not Thunar as Default File Manager?

    1. grafiksinc

      It was voted on by the community to have nemo as the default file manager.

      1. Khaos Hellatron

        Thank you. Been using Peppermint Devuan. Nice Work. Keep It Up.

        1. grafiksinc

          Thank you so much for your kind words…

  3. LPE

    I made a successful switch from Pep Deb to Devuan on my HP6730b.
    During install I needed to put an * between the [ ] when I was asked where
    to install Grub. i.e. SDA or/and SDA1. I was all over the keyboard to put down the *.
    It was space 8 that fixed it. It was fun figuring it out, but is this normal?
    Thought it was a keyboard thing, but shift 8 gave me the * in the terminal.
    Another tip for newbies: After install hit Dailyx. It gives an update and all these nice colors.:-)
    After the update: Restart. Please do.
    Another thing. My native language is Dutch, however I prefer a full English install.
    In Linux not everything is translated which can be a bit awkward. Been there.
    Thanks for this rolling distro, (32 bit!, how exceptional!) this old hard drive has more than enough formatting and installing, surprised it still lives! (The old HP’s are bombproof, the newer ones however…)
    Further more, installing was easy peasy, except for that one tiny thing. lol. So there goes the common theory that rolling distro’s are not for nitwits like me. I’ll make it work. :-)

    1. grafiksinc

      That is the menu that lets you select where to put the grub……normally its an up-down arrow key thing and space bar to select it, but at least you got it.
      Really really happy this all worked out for you \. I personally use the devuan build.
      Thanks for your kind words….
      Keep in touch with us on your build journey :)

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