Zoned Storage packages now available in the peppermint repositories

The Peppermint team is happy to announce, we have added to our repositories packages that are used with Zoned Storage open standard. Zoned Storage, is an open source standards based initiative that enables data centers to scale with zettabyte storage capacity. You can read more about it here.

This means the audience for Zoned Storage is not your desktop user but rather your business use case. We know that many in our community do use Peppermint OS in that way therefore we thought best to include these for those members

The packages we have added are:

  • zonefs-tools
  • dm-zoned-tools
  • libzbd

Additionally please watch our Wiki section as we will be doing a series of articles on how to use these tools in the coming weeks, here.

Finally, as the team is preparing for Debian (bookworm) and Devuan (daedalus) later this year we are looking at having a minimum server ISO, that will include these tools.

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