Peppermint OS Debian 64bit – RC for 2023

In preparation for the Jul 1 2023 release goal, team Peppermint is happy to release our signature styled PeppermintOS Xfce desktop for further testing by a wider audience, as a Release Candidate.

This RC is based on Debian stable 64bit. It supports Legacy, UEFI and SecureBoot installs. To get more details for what to expect please review this post

Download the files here

If you would like to provide feedback please visit us at our community forums here

Thank you! for all your support!
Peppermint Team

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  1. Alan


    I don’t know what happened, but some weeks ago I was installing some programs in my Peppermint and, suddenly, a Sid version of Debian 12 was installed in it, Today, I visited the website of Peppermint and read that you will release a new version based on Debian 12. My questions are:

    1. Will my system be upgraded to the stable version of Debian 12 exactly like this Sid was? People say it’s not safe to use a Sid version.

    2. I have two more computers with Peppermint installed, one with Peppermint 11 64-bit and one with Peppermint 11 32-bit. Could I install the new release also like it was done in my main computer? I mean, simply upgrading it on the terminal and not doing a full new installation?

    Thanks for your attetion.

    Best regards.

    1. grafiksinc

      we are actually testing our upgrade tool as we speak… its wont be out for a few more weeks, but that is ok…because your bullseye systems are good to go. At the time to tool is available you will be able to upgrade them

      As for the one that was updated to sid. Could you post that question on the forum, that way others can benefit from a solution we help you with.
      Here is the link:
      Thank you so much

  2. Andrew Pandy

    Presumably, the new Pep (being based on Bookworm) replicates the useful Bookworm install feature > Guided – use entire disk > Separate /home partition.

    This saves you the faff of manually setting up a separate home partition.

  3. Cheekybubba

    Is there any sort of schedule or upcoming date on the horizon at which point one can start looking for https repositories?

    1. grafiksinc

      Cheekybubba – This is something that we are currently looking into, its been so busy as of late, we do not have a schedule but we will keep the community posted as we make pro0gress on this.

  4. Cheekybubba

    I should have added – “for pepdevos repositories, that is”

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