Exciting things @ peppermintOS HQ

Dear Peppermint Community,
Here at peppermintOS new and exciting things are in the pipeline. Behind the scenes we have a committed team, with a
strong vision for the future.
however; we can’t do it without your support
We are always looking for new members to help out in whatever way you can. Come visit our forum and say ‘hello’ we won’t
bite! :-)

Anyhow …

You want to know about the news.. here @peppermintHQ

A community edition of peppermintOS is being worked on, as we write. This will be a one off special edition of
peppermint which we shall call: Peppermint Classic it will be based on Debian for now unless there is an interest in a NON-SysD build. Will be both 64 bit and 32 bit, And if it proves popular, who knows it might become a more regular thing?

cLASSIC Desktop
  • As you know; we now have a Debian/Devuan – Minimal Base ISO available in both 32/64bit versions. Here
    And we also have a gnome flashback build for those who want a bit of the old.
  • we are looking to do a peppermint Server build for business
    These are all our long term goals…so the more interest we can get and the more people involved the better”
    One of our pep devs
  • Later this month we will release the Pep Mini ISO This really gives control to the user.
    • This will be a network install using the Debian installer
  • Devuan / Debian based – 32/64 bit – (Devuan will give the user the ability to select the init system)
  • The Desktops are similar to the main-line but we did add in mostly vanilla desktops. (more control to end user)

that’s all folks
Keep pepperminting and thank you so much for your continued support!

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  1. Greg Zeng

    Devuan base offers three different boot options. How do we choose which of the three, and why?

    1. grafiksinc

      When you say boot options are asking about the init systems?
      If that is the case…… it is all preference up to the user.

      Here is a really good wiki by gentoo that goes into details about the inits

      As far as what we recommended it is SysVinit simply because that is what Debian used to ship with prior to SystemdD
      Hope that helps

  2. gimmon

    Do you have a link in your blog, forum or anywhere else for these wallpapers? can’t seem to find them on Debian 12

  3. Mark Pynduss

    Where is the log out link on the Peppermint 11 desktop

  4. Mark Pynduss

    I can not get the use site flavicon link in ICE to work in peppermint 11 . it worked fone in 9. Help

    1. grafiksinc

      Ice is no longer maintained. Kumo has taken its place, although it has taken a slightly different direction, there is active development on kumo.

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