Peppermint Mini Released

The Peppermint team is very proud to announce the release of the peppermint mini.

The Mini Builds:

The mini builds utilize the Debian installer for a net install. You can select from 64/32 bit Debian or Devuan. The ISOs are about 100 – 180 mb. These builds are intended for that user who really wants to control how their installs are conducted.

If you are familiar with the Debian installer you will be right at home here, but with a Peppermint take…
At a point during the install you will be able to select, whether or not you want the Peppermint standard install or you can select from other Desktops available. If you use Devuan you will be able to choose the init system that you prefer (SysIntV, Runit, or OpenRC)

Additionally you can choose to install as needed:

  • zoned storage
  • web server
  • SSH server

You can access the DOWNLOAD link to get started.

The Peppermint community:
Community Forums
Codeberg Repos
Peppermint Docs

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  1. kael

    it seems that I’m having an issue install grub, how can I install it manually

  2. Linux Lover

    your GNOME FLASHBACK – BUILDS devuan 64 sha512sum does not match currently. should be 034218fc81121789f19433f2f50465ac2aa6415a60095c3af6ead3e26fd089e3c3370460ef7e1b03cd8eecee6b1bff0b7031a49cb9915daf3e4f20671425bbaf but your iso is showing 7d21e09731b59901592ecab1ff89c7dd425599059f6406c1db16822758146c59b3dfc57311ecbbee0c027873a5fde11fcadc438d55bca715b7e4c7328dce3f28 via command line.

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