Peppermint OS Devuan Release

The Peppermint OS team is proud to announce the release, of Peppermint OS (Devuan).
With this release, it does include all of the features that the Debian based build has as well as any fixes
that have been applied.

However, the most noticeable difference will be during installation, the user will be asked to decide on
an Init system to use.
The choices are:

  • SysVinit – (selected by default if the user is unsure what to do)
  • Runit
  • OpenRC

This release does come in 64/32 bit as well.

Finally the team and community also have been working on additional desktop environments, the ISOs are now offered in

  • XFCE4
  • Gnome Flashback you can read more about this (here)

A few Notes on the desktops:

  • We are only able to include desktops that community volunteers are willing / able to help maintain.
  • The additional desktop to be released in the coming months will be OpenBox.
  • Any additional desktops can be released as contribution efforts are increased.

Please use this link (here) to download the builds.
To see the BuildDate log click here

Thank You! to the community and the users who continue to support the Peppermint Team, and the project,
Without your love and support none of this would be possible!

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  1. ric

    how to do upgrade from pmos-devuan (bullseye)? is #apt update && apt dist-upgrade enough?

  2. ric

    oops~ in the above comment || meant from pmos-devuan (chimaera) to the daedalus version. most likely need to change the repo sources to reflect daedalus instead of chimaera while keeping the section?
    thank you.

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