Our Partner AcorOS, New release

The AcorOS team are proud to announce the release of their new desktop range.

With the collaboration of our partner at Team PeppermintOS they developed these new and polished releases which are intuitive and streamlined with tools for customization or just simple tweaks. Designed to just work out of the box, with audio and video apps, office suite and browser to surf the internet.

The operating system (OS) is from the Debian (Stable branch) renowned for its robustness and reliability and LTS (long term support) of up to five years, gives you peace of mind.

A lot of time and effort to improve the visual experience with a modern design matching theme and complimentary icon sets offering a pleasant environment focusing on making the experience simple, for all users, even a novice to Linux.

The desktops:

LXqt, is a lightweight desktop with low resource requirements, aimed at replacing the aging LXDE desktop, ideal for laptops through to gaming rigs. It is a fully functional desktop utilizing QT rather than the GTK toolkit, with its unique design and looks, with the entire Debian repositories offering virtually every software option and firmware for most WiFi and Nvidia cards.

Xfce, is another lightweight desktop with low resource requirements, has been around since 1997 and evolving as it matures into a refined desktop with the latest 4.18 version of file manager called Thunar.

Using the GTK version 3 toolkit. Ideal usage from a laptop to an expensive gaming rig, with the Debian repositories looking after your firmware needs.

Cinnamon, falls into the middleweight to possibly the light-heavyweight bracket, but lighter than Gnome or the KDE desktops both being true heavyweights. Cinnamon requires more resources to function, as it aimed at stability with its built-in compositor Muffin to iron out screen tearing and give an excellent pixel image when playing videos. It utilizes the GTK 3 toolkit, and can be customized with new themes and icons from the Cinnamon site. Usage from laptop to gaming rigs, this is where this desktop will have the edge over the Lxqt and Xfce desktops.

Download menu: https://sourceforge.net/projects/acor-os/files/AcorOS-6.0/

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  1. martinirein

    please, can I install Peppermint OS to a laptop with Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM processor?

    1. grafiksinc

      You should be fine to do that.

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