Freedom to choose

A text editor is a really important piece of kit. It’s something as a Linux user/developer one finds oneself using almost
but, we hear you say; I don’t care about text editors!”
You’ll be glad to know at Peppermint OS we understand that not everyone will want to use a terminal based text editor,
or might not even have a need for one. Many might just want a web browser and an office sweet (pardon the bad pun).
Well, actually we don’t even decide that for you!
We respect the users right to choose. We all have different needs. Some like Firefox, others like Chromium. some like grey-
bird light, some grey-bird theme dark. It’s your choice! this is why we give you a few suggestions after install. But in essence
It’s up to you.

The above image shows the Peppermint welcome screen. And within that welcome screen is an option to pick your own web
As default PepOS comes with Mousepad. But others can easily be installed with a simple:
sudo apt install kate or whatever your favourite is. (you can tell what my favourite is)

If you need help

Another awesome resource we all have access to at peppermint, is our Peppermint Docs pages, which we call: PepDocs(who’d have thought)Here you will find many of your questions answered. If not, visit our forum and ask away.


We are happy to announce that we are now listed on Devuan as an official release.
Peppermint OS Devuan comes with an xfce desktop and essential core packages needed to run a system out of the box.
This gives users an opportunity to build a system that best fits their needs. The Devuan build offers 64 and 32 bit
versions as well as a choice of SysVinit (default), Runit or OpenRC.

So there you have it. Lots of freedom to choose, Lots of options. This is peppermint OS’s philosophy.
until next time, keep pepperminting