Can You Break It…?

Office Space - Fax Smash“To eat an egg, you must break the shell.” ~Jamaican Proverb

In the spirit of taking risks, taking things apart, breaking them just to see whats inside and the challenge of putting it back together again we will be releasing a development branch of our operating system.  The creator of Peppermint OS himself, Kendall Weaver, will be making this available in the near future and he has named this wild, feral, unstable build: Peppermint X.

“I’m creating Peppermint X for the crazy people in the world who like to break things,” says Kendall, ” Ideally these people will give feedback in the appropriate places, but the main idea is to cater to people who simply like to break things.  We’ll frequently be using release candidate kernels and alpha versions of major applications and these will need to be put to rigorous testing and abuse.”

Weird ScienceLet’s face it, Innovation can’t possibly be all smiles, giggles and trips to the doughnut shop. In order to make amazing discoveries sometimes you just need to make some noise, shatter some glass and feel the rush of a mad scientist. When you are done taking the parts and reassembling them you might have a raging Frankenstein loose on the streets or you might get lucky and  Kelly LeBrock will walk out of your closet.

“Personally I like to break things because I like to figure out exactly what broke, but I do realize there is a subsection of humanity that really just likes to break things,” says Weaver. ” If you like to break things for any reason at all, Peppermint X will be for you.”

Back to the lab. Have a great weekend

Team Peppermint OS

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  1. Nick

    I am really looking forward to this! I love breaking things just to see how far I can push my computers. Funny that you put the picture from Office Space up there I was going to suggest that we all watch it at some point this weekend to get our heads cleared for next week.

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