Peppermint OS to Release May 10th

We are happy to announce that Peppermint OS One will release on Monday May 10th by 12:00 PM [ Noon]  EDT. We are super excited !! We are even more excited to join together with you on this journey to take Peppermint and see where we can go with it, push the limits, and exceed your [and our] expectations.

Also, this morning The Linux Critic gave a very detailed review of Peppermint OS One. Here are a few choice words..

Let me be absolutely clear about one thing: Peppermint Linux OS is fast. Really fast. On this tired old laptop, Peppermint boots up from a cold, powered down state in just under 25 seconds from me hitting the power button to being able to log in graphically….. I can’t even imagine what this OS would be like on newer hardware. It’d be unbelievable.

Again, stay tuned on Monday May 10th and you’ll be ready to dig into Peppermint yourself !! Thanks to all the Beta Testers and their feedback as this was critical for us to move forward.

Have a great week

Team Peppermint

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