Peppermint Needs You Today!!

Hello Peppermint users World Wide,

We are just barely 1 month old and we are exploding. In this short amount of time we are on the verge of serving our 250,000’th download from our servers and we have no way to detect or determine the number of those with Peppermint via Bit Torrents. It is simply amazing and we want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and support.

Due to this high volume of downloads and traffic, this morning we received a very kind but strict warning that we have flooded the server that we are sharing and have 24 Hours to move to a dedicated server. This is super exciting news !! However, we need your help today to make that happen.  If everyone who downloaded Peppermint this month pitched in $1 we would have enough to hire staff and move into an office. In the grand scheme of things $1 is about 1/200th of the cost of Windows and probably 3x that for Mac OS….

Please give us a hand today to get into that dedicated server. Buy a CD, a T-shirt, or go to the sponsorship page and donate $1. Every little bit helps.

Thanks to all those who have already done their part by donating, buying a CD, hosting Torrents and Mirroring our ISO’s. We really appreciate all the support.

In Other News:

Well, the cat is already out of the bag and most of you know what is coming down the pipe next. But for those of you that don’t, Team Peppermint is about to make another release called: Peppermint Ice.  Here’s an excerpt of a statement that Kendall Weaver made for the Distrowatch interview that appeared this week:

Peppermint Ice“In the near future we’ll be releasing Peppermint Ice.  It will feature Chromium as the default browser and will likely be even more cloud focused as we’ll likely drop printer and scanner support for it and replace more of the default applications with either smaller ones or cloud based alternatives. Once we launch Peppermint Ice we will be working towards bringing integration with Google Cloud Print as the next logical step in development for Ice and all other Peppermint versions. Essentially, we were finding a large group of people who were experimenting with the combo of Peppermint and Chromium and getting great results. We listened to these skilled users of ours on the forum, picked their brains a little, and now we can offer Peppermint Ice as a crowd sourced product..”

What is Ice?

ICEIf you are currently using Peppermint One then you have already been exposed and are using Prism. If you haven’t, then let us take a second and explain what Ice is.

Ice is, by definition, a Site Specific Browser [SSB] that Peppermint creator Kendall Weaver wrote himself as a means to launch Web Applications and/or  Cloud Applications [SaaS – Software As A Service] from the new Peppermint Ice OS. When you launch a web based application using Ice it will call up a custom SSB using the default Chromium Browser. So, essentially, the Ice SSB acts as software that is installed locally but is actually delivered via the Web.

The difference in using an SSB as opposed to using a tabbed browser is that only one function is assigned to the Ice SSB.  In a tabbed browsing system, with several open for example, if one service or site in any given tab crashes you run the risk of losing data by crashing the other tabs and potentially the browser itself. since an SSB is isolated and dedicated to only operating the web application of your choice, if it crashes or hangs, it does not effect the rest of the system. And, because the Ice SSB’s are so sleek, they are perfect for running apps that display better using the most screen area as possible.

Look for Peppermint Ice OS soon ! We hope to launch a public release in the next 2 weeks and that date is still To Be Determined as we apply some last minute polish….

Again, if you love Peppermint and can assist us with getting into a dedicated server in the next 24 hours, any and all donations are deeply appreciated.

Kindest Regards – Team Peppermint


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