Peppermint One Re-Spin is now Available

We’re proud to offer the second official Peppermint OS respin, featuring a fully updated system as of June 17 and a few other things including bug fixes and new features.  Like any of our version respins, there’s no reason to reinstall unless you just want to, the version you already have installed is being automatically updated over time.

Here are some of the highlights this time around:


  • All Xfce applications and dependencies have been removed.  In an effort to keep Peppermint light and modular, we’ve decided to start cutting out dependencies on other desktops as much as possible.  This time around we pulled all of Xfce out.  Applications from Xfce such as the Task Manager and the screenshot app have been replaced with more modular ones.
  • The notifications are prettier.  We first released Peppermint with the old notification-daemon running.  Unfortunately it’s very ugly so we pulled it out in favor of notify-osd.
  • We’ve gotten rid of pyneighborhood.  Basically the presence of this application seemed to cause more confusion than network sharing so we opted to drop it entirely.  The file manager is gaining better support for network shares so in the near future apps like pyneighborhood will no longer have a place in Peppermint.
  • The default IRC client, xchat, has been updated to version 2.8.8 and now automatically connects to #peppermint on, our “official” IRC channel.
  • The boot splash no longer has that weird blue tint to the background.  This was a detail left over from Lubuntu that we missed the first and second times around.  Hey, nobody’s perfect.
  • All package updates as of June 17 have been installed and tested.  This includes lower level updates that the update manager will skip over due to potential stability issues.  Not that there are stability issues, it’s just that the update manager is a little overprotective sometimes.

The respin is up now.  Have fun with it.

Kendall Weaver and Team Peppemint

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  1. U Tamburini

    After upgrade the desktop has disappeared; no way to recover.
    pls give hint.
    Thanks in adv.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Can you please raise this on our support forum:
      Also when posting to the forum can you explain what you mean by “upgrade” ?
      TIA :)

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