Welcome New Users, Welcome to Linux…

Good afternoon to all from Peppermint headquarters in the Western North Carolina mountains of the United States. We want to take today and this time to extend a very large welcome to the 55,000 users from 30 different countries that have downloaded Peppermint over the last three weeks directly from our servers. And, a large welcome to the countless others who arrived here via Bit Torrent or the USB stick of a friend.

We are really pleased that a large section of you are new to Linux and that Peppermint is the first Linux operating system that you have tried. The better news is that hundreds of you all have told us in the Forums and directly via email that you are here to stay and that excites us even more! Hearing this news is a great indicator to the Peppermint team that we are doing precisely what we set out to do and that is to offer a Linux operating system that is easy to understand, uses a familiar environment to explore with and even young children can operate Peppermint with little instruction.

Not only do we want to welcome the new users to Peppermint, we want to welcome you all to Linux, the family of Linux operating systems, and a permanent place with us on “Team Linux”. Other companies that provide operating systems use hundreds of employees and charge hundreds of dollars every time a new version releases and can only offer one product at a time, some of which are almost unusable to be quite frank about it. Once you get up to speed with Peppermint we want to encourage you to explore some of the other  members of Team Linux and the diverse family of Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Gentoo, and Mandriva, just to name a few. Want to see them all side-by-side? Take a visit to Distrowatch and see all the members of Team Linux, your new team, and operating system family. We won’t let you down and there’s something here for everyone and every level of user.

With the news today that even Google has decided to drop Windows from its offices due to security reasons [Link Here] its time for the world to step back and look at its options for the future. If Google names Linux as a clear option for its future why wouldn’t you consider the same for your personal or business use? Its time for the world to realize the other option, the secure option, the freedom of choice option, and that option for the future is clearly Linux.

Welcome to Peppermint and welcome to Team Linux

Kendall Weaver, Shane Remington and Team Peppermint

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