One today is worth Two tomorrows…

Hello from Peppermint headquarters in North Carolina, USA. We have come a long way since our first release of Peppermint OS One in May of 2010 and then the release of our Peppermint OS Ice in July of 2010. We’ve seen our growth flourish from being the new kid on the block, to gaining national attention, and then on to serving over 3 million downloads to nearly every territory on Earth. So far we have achieved far beyond our expectations in such a short time and we are planning on passing more milestones in the near future.

Since the release of Peppermint Ice in July there has been a lot of speculation as to what our next move will be: Continue to keep two OS’s running side by side? Drop OS One and move forward with Ice? A new Chocolate Mint OS? Today marks the point where we can finally answer those questions once and for all.

After maintaining two separate operating systems for close to a year we have learned quite a bit. The Peppermint community from all parts of the globe have given us continuous and reliable feedback day after day and for that we are most grateful. In a recent decision to move Peppermint | Linux OS forward we will now be concentrating our energy and resources, distilling the best qualities, from both OS One and OS Ice, and merging them into one offering. At this time Team Peppermint would like to formally announce the future iteration of our operating system: Peppermint Two.

We are already actively in development of Peppermint Two with great results and have set our sights for a public release sometime this Summer. Stay tuned to the official Peppermint blog, as well as Twitter and Facebook for up-to-the minute happenings. We are all very excited to bring something new to the table and hope that you are as well.

Team Peppermint | Linux OS

*A special thanks to Benjamin Franklin for his clever quote as our post title

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