Peppermint Ice Re-Spin is Now Available

Peppermint Nation,

We are proud to announce the availability of Peppermint Ice 20110302, being the latest respin of our Ice release. This version offers a fully updated system as of March 2nd, 2011 and comes with some bug fixes and new features:

  • Like in Peppermint One, we have removed the hardware abstraction layer from this release in order to obtain better performance.
  • The LFFL repository has been added to the default sources list in order to offer more current versions of more applications.
  • Some region specific SSBs, such as Hulu and Pandora, have been removed from the default installation, but can easily be added back by using the Ice application.
  • Some space saving optimizations have been made to the .iso file in order to minimize download and install times as much as possible.
  • Thanks to a code contribution from the Fuduntu project, the Ice application received an obscure but much needed bug fix.

We’re currently spending some time working on the next steps for Peppermint OS and have some exciting things in store for the upcoming months. Amongst these are some projects that can hopefully bring us in better contact and collaboration with other distros, an upcoming appearance at the Southeast Linux Fest, and some interesting new applications we’ve been playing with that should help to improve the desktop experience for everyone.

The respin is available now over on the download page. Get it now and don’t forget to buy us a beer or two. :)

Kendall Weaver

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  1. Tony B

    I know this sounds stupid, but I need a bit of guidance. When you say that the “respin” is available for download, I think you’re saying that the Original-Operating-System-plus-all-subsequent-updates is available for download. Have I understood correctly?

    1. Shane Remington

      Yes. You are correct – that’s precisely what a re-spin is…. Cheers

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