Peppermint Two Art Challenge Winner

Peppermint Nation,
Good morning to everyone from the Peppermint headquarters in the gorgeous mountains of Western North Carolina. Remember when we on board to release Peppermint Two several months ago and we put out the word that we were having the Peppermint Two Wallpaper Challenge? Well, to make a long story short we did get a submission that really grabbed us and fit the color scheme we were driving for. This winning submission was simply named ‘Peppermint Cold’ and its the default wallpaper you see every time you install Peppermint Two. However, shortly after we made the announcement and alerted the winning artist we could not locate them to claim the prize….. for months and months….. until today !!
Se7en is a 22 year old graphic artist, computer enthusiast, and  electronics geek. He is also a music composer, a big fan of Linux and the Open Source movement. Se7en is currently an independent contributor to various Open Source projects and is known by the nickname “Archangel” or “Se7en” around the Internet.
Kendall was finally able to track him down and sent me an email last night saying, “I spoke with him for a bit last night and he’s decided not to accept the $200 reward and rather firmly insisted that it would go to better use if we kept it”
Thanks Se7en for your winning wallpaper submission and we will put that $200 right back into the project funds which always comes in handy. Team Peppermint really appreciates the boost.

In other news: We were just informed yesterday that Linux Magazine and Linux Pro Magazine will be issuing a special edition soon titled “Google Tools” and that every copy, going to 100 countries world wide, will have a Peppermint Two installation CD riding on the front cover!!  A big thanks to Linux Magazine for recognizing our hard work and dedication. We can’t wait to see the special edition

Shane Remington – COO Peppermint