Peppermint Sticks!! Get Your OS on USB

Peppermint Nation,

I want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for being patient with us all here at Peppermint HQ in North Carolina. It’s been a long time coming that we can offer Peppermint on our own custom USB sticks!! Starting off with custom printed CD’s was not extremely hard to accomplish. However, USB media can be expensive, when you want something custom and high quality, and you have to purchase a large batch of them up front.

Peppermint takes in monies every month that we stick away in order to fund programs like getting the USB’s on track. But, this has been slow going due to the cost. But, just when you think that we may have to put it aside for another year in steps a community member to take things over the top and jump start things.

Ian Wigglesworth from Lincolnshire UK was that person for us here at Peppermint. He saw the need for a USB program and made contact with via email about three months ago. Not only did Ian see the need, he made a very generous financial contribution to this cause and worked with a company to produce the USB sticks to our specifications. We really can’t thank Ian enough for his involvement with this program and we are super excited to be able to offer Peppermint Sticks from today forward.

About Ian Wigglesworth:

I’m 41 and married and will have been for 9 years on 14th Feb with one step daughter who is now 15. I completed an engineering apprenticeship along with a HNC in Electrical/Mechanical engineering after leaving school. I now work as a service engineer driving around the UK and Ireland fixing thermoforming machines. After having a nightmare with Windows Vista typed into Google which operating system to use and discovered Linux.
Tried Ubuntu for a while then Linux Mint, but what with all of the desktop changes happening looked for something a little more stable and when I saw most of you guys working on Peppermint had input into Linux Mint I knew it would be a good system to try and it was. I now have Peppermint on my desktop as a dual boot with Vista for a couple of programs that will only work on Windows.
I donated to Linux Mint and wanted to do something for Peppermint, as I’m no programmer I thought I could help by getting the USB sticks off the ground which would hopefully mean more people buying them to try Peppermint.
Thanks again to Ian for stepping up and giving us a hand. You can get your new, fresh and shiny Peppermint Stick Right Here >>