Peppermint is now a Sponsor of 1938 News ‘Cloud Coverage’

Peppermint is proud to be a sponsor this new year of 1938 News ‘Cloud Coverage’ segments. 1938 News is committed to bringing back old values and meshing it with new media. In their own words:

There is already enough noise in old and new media, our goal is to foster original thinking, and present you with interesting stories to think about. We do not have comments. We have no algorithms. We have people.

1938 News is a new and upcoming resource in the way news is delivered over the Internet and we at Peppermint want to get behind it, because we believe in it, because we can ‘Trust’ it. Thanks again to Loren Feldman and his team at 1938 Media for allowing us to sponsor Cloud Coverage… It’s a perfect fit! Here’s our first episode and there will be many more to come here at 1938 News