Peppermint Five is Live!

peppermint_laptop_screen_logoPeppermint OS LLC is excited to announce the launch of our latest operating system Peppermint Five. Lightweight and designed for speed, Peppermint Five delivers on that promise whether using software on your desktop, online, or using cloud based apps.

Kendall Weaver, Chief Technical Officer of Peppermint, states, “Initially, Peppermint One was designed out of our desire for an operating system optimized for working online. Each year since then, we have improved on it, and we are very excited about new and improved features in Peppermint Five.”

Shane Remington Chief Operating Officer of Peppermint, adds, “With this release we are getting ready for the future. The technology landscape is constantly changing, and we are always responding to meet our user’s needs. We are 100% driven to deliver an OS that is fast, secure, and available everywhere, Peppermint Five is another step in that direction.”

Peppermint Five Highlights

  • Peppermint Five is built on a Long Term Support (LTS) code base, Ubuntu 14.04. The upstream code base will receive updates for five years.
  • Peppermint Ice is our in house built SSB manager, it has been rewritten from scratch and is now significantly more stable and is more feature rich than past versions. The key new feature is that it now supports both Chrome and Chromium as a backend.
  • Peppermint Control Center is our new settings app which provides an intuitive interface to customize and manage your workspaces, window behavior, keyboard and pointer settings, keyboard shortcuts and more.
  • We’ve fixed a number of upstream bugs present in Lubuntu, the specific project we fork from. Most notable among these are that the network manager applet starts properly.
  • Peppermint-Light is our new window manager and widget theme designed to offer a clean and relatively flat look and feel.
  • In previous iterations of Peppermint OS we used Alsa for sound. Our users asked for a more robust audio backend with more options and more user-friendly, Peppermint Five delivers with PulseAudio.

We invite you to compare Peppermint to other operating systems, we are confident you will be impressed. To take Peppermint Five out for a test drive, visit our website at where you can download it for free. If you need help installing Peppermint Five, or have any questions about using it, we have a second-to-none user support team at

About Peppermint OS LLC

Peppermint OS LLC is a software company, based in Asheville, North Carolina. Founded in 2010, we are committed to building the best operating system for both enterprise and consumers available on the widest range of devices. To find out more about our company, please visit us at


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  1. Wade

    peppermint 5 is asking for username and password to load the live or install…..where do i get that info?….just curious

    1. Kendall Weaver

      If it’s prompting for a username and password then it’s probable that there was an error while writing the ISO to the installation medium. Try logging in with username: “peppermint” (no quotes) and leave the password blank. If this fails, then try rewriting the ISO to the installation medium.

    2. Alec

      I’m loving ice and aleady docked my favorite online apps to my desktop.

  2. Jorge

    My only complain is about no “startup notification” (busy cursor) at each Ubuntu or Debian based distro, whose window/ desktop manager is LXDE and/or Openbox. I have some old machines and it’s very important to me seeing if a clicked icon started or not an application.

    1. Kendall Weaver

      Yes, this is one limitation of LXDE that has been ongoing for a while. I’ll add it to my list of things to look into.

    2. Jonathon

      Hello Jorge, I also use older hardware and enable the “CPU Usage Monitor” and or “Resource monitors” in LXpanel to keep an eye on what the processor/ram situation is… Hey, great distro by the way Kendall and the Team..! A very interesting approach with xfwm and LXDE, especially as PCManFM is still being used for the backdrop, cool.

  3. Charlie

    You mention a whole bunch of stuff Ice, Control Centre etc… I can’t find screenshots anywhere? No video? In fact I can’t find any Peppermint 5 media on your site or youtube channel. You need to work on your marketing a bit more (I mean that constructively).

    1. Kendall Weaver

      Expect to see quite a bit of stuff start popping up in the YouTube channel in the coming weeks. Given the option between concentrating our efforts on finishing the release or concentrating our efforts on making videos about it, I think did alright. Also, there are screenshots and window captures of the new features in the User’s Guide.

  4. gregzeng

    So sad to see that this distro seems to be another one-man’s publication. It takes considerable skill to create something bigger than an owner-proprietor business.
    This is a general handicap about the Linux businesses: small-business mentality, lacking human resource skills. These rare skills are very under-developed in homosapiens created before the twentieth century. Hopefully the millennial generations, yet to reach adulthood, will be influenced by Facebook, Twitter, etc …. to have deeper and wider spread of people skills.

    1. Kendall Weaver

      I think you’ll be interested in hearing a couple of other announcements we’ll be making in the very near future. ;)

  5. Ben

    I been waithing fore this ☺
    Great job
    I used four true all my time at school and i just loved it
    I will us and support peppermint OS for as long as its out there

  6. Mohammed

    I agree. It would be great if you could put a screenshot tour somewhere on your website. Words alone simply don’t pack enough punch. YouTube is a good idea but please put pictures too, because many of us don’t have a fast connection or have data constraints. Thanks….

    1. Kendall Weaver

      Okay, you guys win. A screenshot tour of Peppermint Five has been added. It’s linked at both the top and bottom of the site or you can simply navigate here:

  7. Giavij

    Thanks for Peppermint Five! I have been using Peppermint for quite some time now as my troubleshooting OS. Always have it on my flash drive and run it live. Thank you so much for your time and efforts!!!

  8. Jesse

    @Charlie There is a new, short review of Peppermint OS 5 on youtube. Search for “Peppermint OS 5” (no quotes) and look for the “filter” option and set it to “today” 06/23/14

  9. Carsten

    Can the 32 bit version be installed on a PC with a Non-Pae processor?
    A lot of distributions doesn’t support Non-Pae processors anymore.

    1. Kendall Weaver

      Because we’re using Ubuntu’s kernels, non-PAE systems are not supported. Sorry.

        1. Kendall Weaver

          Yes, the section on 14.04 should apply to Peppermint Five as well.

  10. kissson

    Peppermint OS 5 doesn’t has asian font support, but 4 did, will the future release add the support back?

    1. Kendall Weaver

      I knew we were going to miss something. I’ll make a note to look into this for future respins.

  11. steve

    Can I upgrade pep 4 to this or does it need a re-install?

    1. Kendall Weaver

      Peppermint Five requires a reinstall.

  12. Carsten

    How can Peppermint 5 give us 5 years support, when Lubuntu only gives 3 years?

    1. Kendall Weaver

      Ubuntu’s code base will receive 5 years of updates whereas Lubuntu’s specific packages will receive 3. Given that our support team is quite solid at this point we feel comfortable offering 5 years of support to the Peppermint specific packages.

  13. 5

    Download links not working

    1. Kendall Weaver

      We’ve had some ongoing difficulties with the server due to the high load and a couple of things broke. All should be working again now.

  14. bill

    i liked very much your distro,
    peprmint 5,
    it makes my dell 10 netbook fly high!
    you did a great job,
    only one complaint,
    the software center has very old software

  15. Avi

    Great distro! Peppermint 5 runs fast and smooth on my old Acer Aspire One netbook, as did Peppermint 4. They both outperform the netbook’s original Windows 7 Loser Edition by light years. Hats off to you guys. My only disappointment is the bug in lxpanel that causes a refresh problem when switching workspaces. Bugs are not usually show-stoppers, but this one actually comes with an assurance in the Peppermint 5 Release Notes saying that it will probably never be fixed. :( Is there a workaround for this? Perhaps force an earlier version of lxpanel? Kudos again for a really fine job!!!

    1. Kendall Weaver

      The bug was present in Peppermint Four as well, just not quite to the same extent and that was with LXPanel 0.5.12 whereas Peppermint Five is using LXPanel 0.6.1. I believe the issue is with the combination of Xfwm4 and LXPanel rather than just LXPanel itself.

      1. Avi

        Thanks, Kendall. Any particular workaround you recommend?

        1. Kendall Weaver

          Not that I’m immediately aware of. Most often I’ll just remove the pager altogether as I use keyboard shortcuts to navigate workspaces.

  16. Brian Andersen

    Can I download the new release through torrents ?

    I want to help out and seed the distroes.

    1. Kendall Weaver

      Yes. I’ve just added torrent links. Click on either of the download buttons on the front page and you should see the option.

  17. RD Padouk

    In 2009 I purchased an ASUS eeepc 1000HD, which was a very under-powered netbook even then. And the stripped-down Windows XP it came with, of course, isn’t even supported anymore. So rather than just recycle the thing, I downloaded 32-bit Peppermint 5, created a bootable USB drive and gave it a go. It installed flawlessly. The thing is positively zippy compared to what it was before. Instead of a piece of trash, I know have a perfectly respectable device for doing basic internet functions when I am on a business trip. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  18. John

    Just wanted to say awesome work and thanks for the great distro!!! Super fast & smooth, while still offering eye candy and the 1st and only distro that works on my new Dell with NVidia Optimus! A better ubuntu than ubuntu! :-) Looking forward to my time in Peppermint

  19. Luke Storer

    Anyway we can get the ICE SSB to support the adblock extension? Seem’s like is a vanilla chrome, which while still useful is a nightmare for certain ad-laden sites.

  20. Ben Frawley

    We refurbish donated computers, and redistribute them to refugees who come to our country Australia. For many of these people, a computer is one of the only options they have communicating with family in thier countries of origin.
    After testing out a few linux OS’s we have decided that Peooermint is the best soulution for the computers that we redistribute.
    Thanks for the great work of the Linux and Peppermint community.
    Kind Regards, Ben Frawley

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  22. Stephanie

    I have installed Peppermint OS 5 on a 2008 macbook ( 32 bit editon) The big issue I have with it is that on facebook the cursor jumps back and forth when typing. I know this may be due to trackpad issues. But I do not see an option to disable the trackpad when using a USB mouse.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Stephanie, it is possible to run a command that will disable the touchpad whilst typing, or to disable the touchpad entirely through the Peppermint Control Center, but this would probably best be dealt with on the support forum (as depending on the route you’d like to take, we may need to identify the touchpad first):
      Please join, then post the question there and we’ll be happy to assist.

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